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Friday, February 20, 2009


I see my site's traffic today at freejit and I found it , there are many peoples come to my site and looking for my posts. It is very nice..cause when the first time I made a blog , my friend asked me...who wants to read your blog ? and I thought may be she is true. But at a few years later..I find it that she is wrong ha..ha..but I know that my blogging is not good enough. But I have a lot time to learn it, right ?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Make Money From Home

My purpose when the first time make a blog is that I want to share my excited stories to all of you. It is very nice that we can share and others can read our blog and make comments in it. I like to do these activities, go to forum and make a few comments from the interested topic. But when I have been blogging for a few months , I heard that we can make money from home too.
It is very excited news for me , just thinking how that my hobby to searching and browsing internet can make internet profit and I can earning from them.
Yeah..and now I saw an internet profits site that have a lot of opportunities for us. It is very nice because we can earning from home and do not need to go to office for earning our lives. We can doing all excited activities at home and at the same time we can earning too. I think you must be agree with me too

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bean Curd

Tonight I cooked bean curd with pork he..he..it is a long time I didn't cook it. It is quite nice , for the vegetable I stir fry cabbage with chili in it. I phoned my sister to came and join with me to have dinner together. It feel great too with a cup of hot tea.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Heroin Detox

I see that nowadays many people get addicted in drug problems and it is not easy to be healthy again. It is hard for some people to get back their normal life again.
Today I see a heroin detox site. It is a Rehabilitation and Detoxification centre. I think it is a great place cause it this centre is a promises treatment centers provide supervised alcohol and drug detox by working with licensed, independent affiliates. This centre provide close supervision and monitoring to ensure the comfort and safety of clients withdrawing from drugs or alcohol for their alcohol and drug rehab programs.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beauty Skin

I am very tiring...I saw the clock..it show 9 pm but my eyes really wants to close. It is not my habit to sleep so early. But I don't know why..I feel so sleepy. I feel I am very tired at body and minds too. Actually I want to blog a beauty skin information..but I do not have the power to blog it..so I just make this post. May be tomorrow I will blog this topic.