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Monday, December 31, 2007

Seo Specialist

Do you wish your site have a good traffic so your business would be great ? I think all people would say yes, why not ? Being targeted and traffic is the most important for us..so am I. And tonight I saw an seo specialist site. This seo company can helped us to gain strong visibility and good impact on the Web by having greater exposure in first and second-tier search engines.
May be it is the time for me to have a help on this seo expert too.

My New Year's Resolution

Tonight I enter to forum and found an interesting question. "What are your new year's resolution?" I also saw a lot of response to this question and after read about it...I asked my self too...
I think ...I hope next year would better than this year and I wish I can be a good blogger. It is a quite simple wish but this is the best.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Online Backgammon

When you are feeling boring or need a site to play , you can try this online backgammon . We can play backgammon for real money or just for fun. Sometimes I need this site for fun , it is a very interesting game. But if you are playing for real money there are a live tournaments for you to join in this backgammon online . And it has a customer support 24/7 for help.

A Mix Soup

Tonight I make a stew shrimp , fish ball soup with a lot of kind vegetables on it. Usually I cooked fish ball with bok choy ( vegetable ) but tonight I make it at my own taste ha..ha.. I put Chinese tofu , mushroom , crab stick , bok choy in the soup plus put a little ginger in the soup.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Yesterday I meet my old friend at mall, she tell me about a new web site she found. The name is wymedia digital distribution 2.0
, she also tell me about some content at this web site, she said this web site also have a lot of content for shopping, content for get cash from survey, content for morgate loans and content for a cute fancy and cool wymedia digital distribution 2.0 blue banner.

Press Release:

wymedia’s digital music distribution 2.0 is the future of artist income. Launching in January 2008 wymedia will change the way fans discover your digital content and how you get paid. Independent content publishers share in wymedia monthly income based on their fan traffic, music/video spins and downloads.

Obvious early adopters are musicians, film makers and writers but wymedia’s vision includes artists of all kinds. Tattoo artists, aspiring cooking show creators and even hair stylists have come up with innovative uses for wymedia tools.

wymedia’s digital publishing service puts power into content creator’s hands. wymedia isn’t interested in owning content, we provide economically viable tools for artists to develop their own businesses, mentor new artists and reap the long term benefits of successfully adopted content.

wymedia digital distribution 2.0
create. promote. get paid.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Was Killed

I heard the breaking news on CNN TV tonight and when I open yahoo it reports this tragic accidents too...
RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday by an attacker who shot her after a campaign rally and then blew himself up. Her death stoked new chaos across the nuclear-armed nation, an important U.S. ally in the war on terrorism.
It is so sad for me to saw this , how can she had a bad luck , and why ? But it is all about politics, for me politics is a very confusing things that I never like it.

New Search Engine

Talking about pagerank and how to get traffic for our site , I see a new Search Engine called Earthfrisk.org. For my opinion this is a great tool, it gives us to improve the already superior results by voting and commenting. And it looked that is more democratic than Google's pagerank.
We as a blogger can have a nice tool bar custom made with our own logo and can drive a lot traffic for our site . All we want to do is download, complete with a link back to our site on left,
all toolbars are available in Firefox and Internet Explorer versions, so it is very easy for us.
I see this Search Engine is nice with cv rating ( color value ) and it must be great if my computer have this tool bars.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chicken Broth

I have read this recipe from Yahoo food , I think it is a great recipe and I will cook it after these holidays. Yes..chicken broth...usually I buy it at supermarket, but this is the recipe how we make a nice chicken broth.
Makes about 3 quarts
3 ½ pounds chicken wings, chopped at the joints
1 medium onion, chopped
1 medium carrot, chopped
1 celery rib, chopped
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
4 sprigs of fresh parsley
3 sprigs of fresh thyme or
½ teaspoon dried thyme
½ teaspoon whole black peppercorns2 bay leaves
Cook the chicken wings, onion, carrot, and celery in the oil in a large pot over medium-high heat, stirring often, just until the vegetables soften (the chicken should not brown), about 10 minutes.
Add enough cold water to the pot to cover the ingredients by 2 inches. Bring to a boil over high heat, skimming off any foam that rises to the surface. Add the parsley, thyme, peppercorns, and bay leaves. Reduce the heat to low and simmer, uncovered, until the broth is full-flavored, at least 2 hours and up to 6 hours.
Strain the broth through a colander set over a large bowl. Discard the solids. Let stand for 5 minutes. Skim off the clear yellow fat that rises to the surface. Cool to room temperature. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use. (The broth can be prepared up to 3 days ahead, covered, and refrigerated, or frozen for up to 3 months.)
I hope this recipe will be useful so I paste it to all of you included me too..ha..ha..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


At my place today is Christmas...so merry Christmas every body, hope you all enjoy your holidays. I am on holiday too and sure I have a plenty time today so blogging is my first choice ha..ha..ha..
Yesterday I and my sister go to the largest shopping Mal at my place, they design the Christmas even with very beautifully and I saw a lot of box donation at every place. A lot of people take their old toys to donate and buy a new one..it is a great activity....like this Boat Donations too . Truly I am very happy at this moment and have an opportunity to donate our old thing to others are the greatest happy for us.
I saw on the TV or others news , there are a lot of orphans are very suffer, they need a lot of our attention. And great this Charity Boat Donations are going to help all of them who are very need our donation for surviving their life. This site are also help them who had a serious problem on their health which need medical operation. I can imagine it if there are no one wants to help them, all of them would be very suffer and would end with a very sad story.
So lets together help them in every where and every place and we can have a cute free DVDs . I also like to watch this DVD very much...


I just sawing a home page Yahoo News..about sawing ghost at the gas station...talking about ghost is an interesting topic and I remembered when I was a kid. I and all my friends likes to heard ghost story and after heard it we were afraid to go a lone even in our home ha..ha..ha..
But I do believe about this.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Modern Man Site

A few days ago ,I received a phone call from my friend. Yeah...he is my old friend. Talking to old friend is always very exciting. We talk about funny thing that have been past , our friends , family and marriage. And I just know that he is still single. When I ask him " How about your marriage ? Who is your wife..am I know her ? He answer me with easy....not...no...have not..." Of course his answered has very surprised me...why not..because when we was still in high school, I saw he had a lot of girl friends. So it is not make a sense that he still single until now ha..ha..ha.. So I asked he again " Are you kidding me ? I am not believing you...you must be lying me..." But this time he is very serious " Sure , it is true...I don't know why it happens to me..but I am not lying you.." I think he is telling the truth.
But I quickly remembered a dating advice for men that I ever read before. It is a good site and very suitable for modern man like him. It is a new concept of dating where all men and women are free to date and if possible fall in love with plenty of people and then may be decided on one person which it is the best one. And this wonderful site there are a few tips teaching for men to be success in their dating life..ha..ha..
So when I told my friend about this modern dating site, at the first moment after he heard, he thanks to me but he said he had been tried a lot dating site but not success. I told him this is really different from others...because I have saw the site and if I said to him if you don't believe me , you can watch the video in this page and a few second I heard he asked me the site name and told me that he will try to get in and he told me he wants to phone me if he had a good news.
And today he called me again...ha..ha..ha.. actually I am waiting for his call too and he told me a good news. He said he try to follow what I am saying to him, follow the tips and in a week later he got a really nice experience that is different from others before. He said now he had a plenty of girl friends and he is very exciting. OK...I am happy too.


I have a little confused when I want to cook today. Why...because I don't know to cook what....if I choose a chicken..tomorrow is Christmas..and tomorrow it is great I cook chicken...thinking and thinking again hope there is a miracle..at last I cooked a very simple menu. I choose to eat more vegetables because tomorrow we will going to eat a lot.ha..ha..ha..

Home Buyer

I have looked a lot of sites that offer house to buy like real estates. And I like to read it because it is my hobby to search a house so I can know what type of the house is in trade now and how about the price, where is the location and etc. But what I see now if totally different from what I saw before and it is very useful.
This home buyer give us a good quick solution if we want to sell our house with quickly.So they offered us a quick sale with a lot of benefits.You know sometimes there are many reasons why people may need to sell their house quickly but don't know what to do so they asked the a broker to sold it and sometimes it have a lot of hidden costs and countless strangers viewing our property that they bring.
So next time if I need to sell my house ,I will go to this site. Because they will give me a guaranteed cash offer and I will have no fees to pay whatsoever ( this is a very good deal ). They even cover the cost of our solicitors fees associated with the sale. I think I will told all my friends too.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Salsa Dancing

Any of you like dancing ? I think almost women like dancing, I like it too. I can dance but not a professional one. In my place nowadays a lot of people like to salsa dance. At the first time I saw this salsa dancing it is very attractive my interest. I have a few friends can dance it and I asked them to teach me. So now I can dance it a little. And now my friend told me there is world salsa championships , I quickly see this site. Yes...really good


I just looking a dictionary. I think it is very good if I buy this dictionary and buy it as a give to my friend's daughter. Yes..it is really a good idea give her as a Christmas gift and I am sure her daughter will learn a lot of new thing because this dictionary can be used in a lot of language...Chinese, English, Japan ...I never had this when I was a kid ha..ha..

Logo Design

I think most of all like to create a logo design especially for a business owner. I ever have a plan to create my own logo...but I can't...sitting in front of computer for two or three hours but I have not get a good idea how to make my design, it is really blank...ha.ha..ha..I know my talent and I think I have no talent in this one.
But while browsing I have seen a wonderful custom logo design site. This site allowed for us to create for free logo and business card creator. So I think all my problem about creating a good design has gone. Why not...because I can try to a free online service to create my logo using their Patent-pending process.
So this site allowed us to try their service, we can see the quick demo and try it with free. And if we don't like what have we created, we do not have to pay it. I think I must try to create because it just need to follow on step six of this process and after that I can see my logo on scores of differently designed business cards with my own colors too. And if I success create my own logo I will show it to all of my friends.

A new gadget

Today is Saturday, I go to shopping centre with my mom and sisters. It is my happiness if I can go out together with my family and what I see today in shopping centre is very nice. It is a blackberry...I don't used this gadget before. But I think it is more easy for us to take it every where and we can continue browsing internet without carry a laptop which is more height than this small gadget.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Talking about Christmas and preparing food reminds me from a Donate Boat activity. Actually this is a good action and I hope all people in this world will follow them too. This wonderful site accept boats and yachts from partner charities from across America. I think a lot of people must be very thankful to this activity.
So if you have boat, yachts in a good or even in a not good condition can donate it .They will make all the arrangements to pick-up our boat, yacht or vessel without cost it to us. And we also can receive the full fair market value as a lawful IRS tax deduction for our boat. This is really nice, right ? If I have a boat and not used anymore I think I will donate my boat too as a good Christmas activity.
Beside doing donate boat we can also donate our car for charity.We can have Children's Animation DVDS for free , I see there are a lot of nice cartoon DVD at there like "The adventures of Donkey Ollie " . Wow..this is a nice DVD, I know because I and my friends favorite this one ha..ha..So lets doing a good activity and celebrating our Christmas with beautifully.

Preparing Christmas

Just came back from my friend's house , it is so interesting to saw her make a lot of cookies. Yeah..they all are preparing for Christmas, my friend has already bought a lot of chicken, beef meat, sea food and a lot of vegetables.
I see she will have a great dining when Christmas and new year.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Magic Holdem

I have been saw a lot of game while I am searching but this afternoon I saw a unique poker calculator , I never had this information before so I called it unique. But the function is great because it can help us avoid simple mistakes, analyse the game better and strategies with ease. So this poker odds can make us to become a complete player.
I think it is a good solution for all one ,when they use holdem calculator they can make a tough decisions and dominate their opponents.

Heavy rains

Today I wake up a little late because last night I slept at midnight. When I want to go out buying some foods suddenly it have a heavy rains. And now it is still raining. Usually at my tropical country it is hot weather but it seems to be in a few days , it is a wind and rainy day.


While eating my noddle soup I saw a great video on Mohamad Zein's Channel , it is so wonderful that this MetaCafe site have a lot of good video. This guy made a lot of good video, 3 D drawing , Japanesegame , super mario galaxy and still a lot of others.
My husband like his game very much, for me I like 3 D drawing. You can have a look too on this site.


I am watching TV tonight and my computer internet is still on..ha..ha.. I always working and watching TV together but suddenly I felt that I am hungry ? What time is it ? I think I will go to down stair to cooked a bowl of noddle soup.

Inventory Control Software

Tonight I saw an inventory control software site. This site is a nice site because we can learn a lot of information about business management. I know this part is very important for our business but some times we don't have any good information about its.I can imagine it because of don't understand this , we can lost a lot time and money in a year. So that's why I said this is great.
And I remembered to my friend who start to open a small business last week. I have seen her and we have a great talk. I looked she was very happy and has a high hope on her business. But I think she has a little confused to arrange her business management system. So I think may be she need this inventory control software for her new business.

I phoned her a few minutes ago...told her about this site. She answered me with happy that she had planned too but still don't find it. So this is the perfect time for me to told her and she said she will looked at the site and after that ask her husband opinion about it.

I said if they success with this one don't forget to treat me a good dinner...ha..ha.. it is my daily joke to my friend because I think this will be a good chance for them.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good Advice for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

This is a good article I read on Yahoo health news. I interested in this because some times I do have this problem. Sleep but it feel haven't slept. So this is the whole news that I have read :

"There are changes you can make to improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep experts call this “sleep hygiene,” and these measures are routinely recommended for almost anyone complaining of sleep trouble. Some are just common sense, but, unfortunately, many people for whom sleep is a problem do not recognize their importance. Here are some general guidelines to follow:
1. Establish a schedule and stick to it; sleep when you are sleepy but try to get up and go to bed each day at about the same time.
2. Use a fan or other means of creating a steady, soothing sound to drown out other noises.
3. Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake; avoid caffeine after noon and don’t use alcohol as a sedative before bed.
4. Get heavy curtains or shades to block out bright light early in the morning if you are awakening earlier than you’d like.
5. Check your medication list. Because some medicines can interfere with sleep, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the medicines you take.
6. Do not exercise vigorously after within several hours of bedtime.
7. Avoid heavy meals or excessive fluids within an hour or two of bedtime
The Bottom Line
The importance of sleep is self-evident, yet much remains unknown or uncertain about how we sleep, why we sleep and how to improve sleep. One thing is certain, however: Sleep is not a passive process or a complete “shut down” of the body – many stages of sleep are as active for the mind as being awake. So, the next time you see someone sleeping, keep in mind that though the body may look quiet and peaceful, there is much more to the story.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Sunday again ....it is my time to tidy my room. Once in a week I usually change my cover bed,pillow and others , talking about bed...yesterday I went to my brother house and have a looked at his daughter's room , I saw a beautiful teen bedding from there.
Evan I am a women of thirty's , I like her Race Car Bedding very much...it is very funny...because it have her photos on the pillow , and blanket.
I never seen before bedding like that...it is very cool you know with our photos in side . She told me that she found this great Vision Bedding while she was searching. She told me that it also have Skateboard Bedding ....after going home I try have a looked and yeah..it is really nice.
I have a few of my friends also like this bedding very much when I told them..they are very pleased.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Phone Chat

I have watch that now in every where there have an easy way for us to communicate each other. If we like we can have a free chat to our friends or family in a very simple way. And there are no need a lot of cost to have a great conversation.
I like it very much because I have a lot of friends in a lot of cities, so having phone chat is a nice thing for me. I saw there have a lot of cities, number local chat lines and free trial line available for us.

A simple Cook

I got late wake up this morning, it is caused last night I watch a good movie film, sometimes it is nice too. But after that I can't wake up at my usually time ha..ha..
And the effect is , when I worked I felt sleepy...I think I will going home early today. And doing simple cook , after that I will have a nice sleep.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Provident Capital

Talking about loans , today I saw an interesting Provident Capital site. I would like to say it is a good deal because this one give us a best rate with low payments and fast approval. The officer would provide us with a free loan analysis.
So what must we do , are by answering a few questions and then they will be able to recommend us loan programs tailored to fit our needs.The process is very quick only for 3 days to verifying our application But we must make sure that we can paid it later, it is my personal advice ha..ha..


I just thinking the lovely bag again.ha..ha..I never felt like this. May be I should buy it later if my money transfer has come to my account. Crazy...very crazy...
I want to ask again to my friends.

Free Teen Chat

Chatting is a very interesting topic for most of all people....so am I , I always have free chat with my friends. It feel nice that we can chatting anything we like and it would not cost us a lot of money.
I saw this teen chat is very popular and the system allow us to leave a voice personal if our friend are not in and they can call us when they came back.
We can also see the chat lines information that available for us and for me this service gives me a freedom unlimited conversation.And we can have dating tips and advice for singles too.

Hand Bag

Yesterday I saw a lovely hand bags at the shopping centre. It really caught my interest, but one thing that I must think twice to buy it...very expensive....it cost almost US $ 250,- I think it is too high for me to buy it. So I left it after I saw it about 10 minutes ha..ha..ha..
I try to go to another store to see others but I can't find the others which equals to that beautiful bags again.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A good solutions

Talking about money is very interesting for me. Because we need the money for survive our life. There are a lot of people get loans for quick cash. But I see there are also a lot of problem like they can not pay back the money that had been used so at last they got a bad record.
And for people who have bad record always got a lot difficulty when they want to get a new loans. Life is hard for them, but I just saw a good solution for people who ever had bad credit loans .
This site help us to know a lot of knowledge and necessary resources for us to get the best credit even that we have a bad credit, so it is a perfect ways..right ? And I saw a lot of category offers us like credit card,credit reports and score,credit repair,home loans,auto loans,personal loans.
I looked home loans have an interesting offer. It have a low interest rate and low payments. This site will help a lot people and all the problem gone.

Relation about Obesity,Diabetes and Canser

It was an interesting topic what I found today's, it says like this :
" Obesity and diabetes -- risk factors so often linked to heart disease -- can also affect the incidence and severity of cancer, a collection of four new studies suggests."
What I know is there is a relation between obesity and diabetes, if some of got fat so she/ he must be careful about diabetes but today I found that these can caused canser too. The news on Yahoo said that "Metabolic perturbations enhance certain cancers. Insulin and other hormonal factors influence cell growth and make cells multiply." Women with diabetes have a 50 percent increased risk of developing colorectal cancer, according to the first study, by researchers at the University of Minnesota.
So what can I get for this news is always keep our body fit, don't eat too much, exercise is a must and don't stress in any of our time.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Nice Site

I saw an interesting site this night , the title of this site is The Wisdom of Abundance. This blogger have a good quality on the blog and the content is great too. We can find a lot of information on it.I like to read category money making site. It makes me to know a lot of money making site and may be I can follow the updates by subscribe it.

Shabu Shabu

Tonight I cooked shabu shabu to eat. It taste good ,and this time I cooked it by my self. I put a few fish ball, crabs meat, vegetables, tofu, in it.ha..ha..put a little ginger in the soup to avoid fish smell and a little peeper to make it perfect.
And I have a plan to cook it again when I go to my sister's house next week.

Celebrating Christmas

Today is 10 Th December 2007 , and it is about 2 weeks we would have a great Christmas and New Year. And I think all people in this world are waiting for this great days...so am I . But I do know some of us may be will need a cash money to celebrate it.
Nowadays I looked a lot of solution that can we do like Payday Loan , this is a good deal for people who need cash but we must make sure that we can have the ability to pay it later.It is a very easy way,we can get our instant online pay day loans application personal loans are just a click away.
This Payday Loan are available nationwide and if we need this service we can get the money directly deposited into our bank account with very quickly.So if we don't have any cash in a short time this is a nice way.

Peking Duck

Today when I went out for window shopping , I saw a good deal promotion on Peking duck. Yes..it is great , a nice brown grill Peking duck only for Rp 135.ooo,-I like to eat this one, it taste good with a good Chinese tea and a little dim sun.
Sometimes I wish I can make it by my self...but how ever I cooked it, the taste is not same as the restaurant ones.ha..ha..

Online Backgammon

Sometimes when I felt boring I like to searching new things and it happens to me tonight. I have looked a nice backgammon site. For the first time I saw it , this online backgammon site is pretty well .I can choose what game I want with very easy.
We can play this backgammon online for free or for real money. And we can meet people from all over the world and join 24/7 tournaments.Wow..this must be for a professional ha..ha..not like me.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Dropping pagerank made me felt bad. Usually I like to blog what ever I like and what opportunity that I can take.But I have been watching in weeks that my pagerank not raise and it seems make me a little lazy to blog.
But I will do my activity as usual because I find my world by blogging and it makes me feel nice.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

San Diego Invisalign

I saw an interesting topic a few minutes ago. It is San Diego invisalign site. This is a very important topic for every one because I think we all ever had these dental problem like zoom whitening , Invisalign invisible braces , Porcelain veneers , Dental implants , Bonding , Porcelain crowns, onlays and inlays and recontouring.
For my opinion nowadays we need not to worry so much about our teeth because we have our solution with best at San Diego invisalign .We can have back our beautiful smile with safely.

Follow and No Follow

I am sitting in front of computer...don't know what must I do. Actually I like blogging,but I have no idea want to blog about what.What I do is log in to forum and saw a lot of reaction people about dropping pagerank.
A lot of people talking follow and no follow. Actually I am not so familiar about this one.And following what people said about follow and no follow made me had a headache ha..ha..ha..

Monday, December 3, 2007


Talking about Loans is an interesting topic for me. Because I ever did it and it help me very much especially when I want to buy a house. I still remember that I decided to buy a small beautiful house.But I didn't have enough money yet.
At the first time I want to owe with his family. But when I heard my friend told me about Homeowner loans ,I think it is a good idea and finally I did it. I see beside I used that one there are still one loans that I think is really nice ...it is unsecured loans .Yeah..every one can choose which one is suit for them.

Heavy Rain

Yesterday night we have a heavy rain again. We was very worried about floating water...even my house is so high but all the roads can floated by the water.So at this morning quickly I looked at and yes...it is fine.
Talking about floating we are so lucky because when we were back from Singapore at 25 November ,we can pass the high way road from airport to our house. But at the next day 26,27 November all the people can't go in or out to airport Sukarno Hatta Jakarta because the water were floating a long the high way so every car can't pass it.It is so horrible...

Online Casinos

Have your had your own online casinos at your home ? It is so nice because we don't need to go out like usually. I have a friend that she have to had a flight if she wants to play at casino. And we can have a lot of fresh news by watching the casino news at this site .If any one don't know how to start so don't worry about it, because you may read your own casino guide too. So this site have made the design very easy for every one to understand and may be to try their luck in it.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Can't Blog

Since back from my travelling I have a lot of activities and it makes me not to blog for a while. But I felt bad if I don't open my computer ha..ha..ha..and when I am not busy and start to browse my internet provider told me that I have over quota so if I used the internet it cost me expensive.No..no..it makes me felt bad again.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Talking about holiday at my previous post remind me about another exciting things that we must have it. Yes.... it is the time for us to buy things to prepare our Christmas and New Year eve . In my family we have a tradition to change gift each other. It is very nice..we can share our needs and then we plan to buy things that our family like it.
For this activity I usually use couponchief.com , it is a great online store and the price is the best one.This time I want to buy a note book at Dell Home deals , it would be great for my nice.And for my mother I saw a sweet one at Old Navy coupons , so I got all my needs in one place.

Holiday Recipe

I saw a lot of holiday recipe on yahoo ....yes it is the time to celebrate it. It must be very nice if I am at United States. See the celebration of Christmas and looked if any different with my country.
In my place we also cooked a lot of great recipe to celebrate it. But any way it must be different from one country to another country.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Online Slots

While searching I found a great slot machine, some of my friends very love this game.And I try to play with it...for the first time ...it is nice and it is so easy for every one to play on this slot machines.
I think my friend must be happy if I told them about this. And I know that they can play it with good. And after I told them about this site , they phoned me a day later and told me that they have their luck at play slots machine.


I enjoy my holiday very much this time. A lot of fashion and others amazing things are available at there. I saw a diamond store at there. I like diamonds very much. But the store didn't give me a lot of information that I need.
So take a search and found this diamonds information pretty good, and my interest of the wedding rings is so high. I like the design very much...and for the engagement rings ,there are a lot of offers with a nice variety of items , and the site’s security is great for me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Drivewire - auto parts

I love to drive when i go to Langkawi Island, i can rent any cars i want. At my last visit i rent automatic ford sedan cars, for to know more about this car i have surf and visit some web site about auto parts or car parts. Lucky for me because i also found a web site it's special talk about ford auto parts.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beautiful Dream

Do you love to hear my travel this time ? It is my friend's word last night when I called her. Yeah...I phone Elly because I felt very boring and try to have a conversation with my friends. You know....having conversation always exciting and I am happy after that. Especially talking about our favorite one. And my friend did it, she knows I always like travelling and she bookmarked my website so she know I like blogging travelling very much.
Absolutely I was excited and asked Elly to talked about her trip to Amsterdam this time. I heard that Amsterdam began as a fishing village, it has grown over time to be the largest city in the Netherlands and one of the most densely populated cities in Europe. And a lot of tourist often centers on the canal...it is great for me. I never saw beautiful canal in my place.And that these canals leading to the sea that helped Amsterdam grow in years past.Elly told me it is very romantic to saw this beautiful country with the great Canals, van Gough Museum, Dam square and stay in nice Amsterdam hotels .
After from Amsterdam they go to another beautiful country...it is Athens...I yell her when she told me about Athens. I never go to there and I hope I am the first of my friends to visit this country...but she did it again...she win from me...ha..ha.. but I am happy to hear it from them. She told me how amazing this country and she had a beautiful dream at Athens hotel .I said to her my be I have more beautiful dream than she when I go there. I said to her I hope I can have beautiful dreams at any hotels I stay include greece hotels and praque hotels .She laugh at me ha..ha..ha..

Hotel Reservations

Forget about pagerank and doing our favorite activities is the most important for me this time. Yeah like my blog two days ago....having a trip is always exciting. My friend and family also agree about my opinion. We always go to travelling ....far away from our daily jobs and try to go to others place that is make we interesting and exciting.

Talking about travelling is my favorite job...and I always suggest my friend to have a good planning before we want to go. Find the information as much as we can especially the weather is important. From there we know what things should we take. For the hot weather like Asia ...we must take summer fashion, thick t shirt ,hot pants and a lot of things we need. But don't forget about hotel....this is is very important.

We must have a good information about hotel reservations, which facilities we want to use, hotel,motel ,resort. We can reserve it from our home which one is better. For me I like this search very much. Because I like to choose a good hotel with a good price...ha..ha...what I mean is discount hotel. We can get discount up to 70 % hotel on our choice.It is very interesting,right ?

Imagine it with a lot of discount ,we can save a lot of money and from that money we can buy gifts for our family. I am sure all of us like to buy things when we are travelling. So I always talked to my sister and friends don't forget to have hotel reservations before they go and choose the best one with the best price.

I always search the best hotel before we want go to travel...and my friend said to me ...travelling is very nice but it can be very bad if we have no planning about the hotel. ha..ha..I told her not to worried about this , because I have a favorite site and I know what I must to do before we go.

Up Set

I count the calender at my job desk.....almost a week ...yeah my pagerank have drop to null and still no good news about me. It make me so frustrated and angry. But I realize there are a lot of people like me too so...why I must up set...when I thinking about this point,it make me happy a moment.
So what I can do is blogging...by blogging it make me more happy and actually it is my first point when I start to blog.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Travelling Europe By Car

While I was scheduling my travel this time, my eyes caught a great topic also on travel.Yes...this is about Europe again. I have never boring blog this part because it is my favorite topic and talking about travelling in Europe always make me have a lot of plan when I am going there.
I have heard from my friends their nice journey at Europe,and some of them said to me Oh....she felt disappointed with the tour leader, or others said if next time she go again she would take a car to travel..it is much fun.Hm...travelling by car, I like it very much...my husband like to ride a car and take map,brochure and we go around...it is so exciting.
If I go to London, I like to try drive a car too, it must be nice and fortunately my husband is very experience in this way...walking around , go to exciting place and have a good hotel hotel in London ha..ha..nice.From London we would go to France....nice place for shopping...dining and we can go to one place to others city by car,with a lot of my new dress in the car. So I am not tired to hold all my shopping things,just put all in a car and go around till we found a nice hotels in Paris . And we want to do the same things in Berlin , and have a new nice experience on Hotels in Berlin and the last thing that my sister always told me that we must go to Barcelona if we have time..I think I must put this plan in our schedule and have a great Hotels in Barcelona yeah... I hope I can go there as soon as possible.

Interesting Jobs

Next week I will go to Singapore again with my sister. This time we are going for business, but sure I will combine it with a little shopping and walking around.So what I want to do now is take a paper and try to manage our schedule at there. For me it is interesting jobs too. I like traveling , actually I really want travel far away from my country but we don't have enough time to do it....and I must spend a lot of money ....you can imagine travel about 2 or 3 weeks ha..ha..

Giants Spring Training

In this a couple years, I have a new hobbies, some people call me a Collector's. Some time I come to Collection's store to look for football card. Some of them could be $ 1.000 each. Expensive thing for some people, but you know that's they call hobbies, event expensive so far you feel happy you also buy some. Become from collection's, I surf some online ticket business for buy. Because of my tied of schedule, some time we just can watch they training. As a fan's my nephew an I also wear T shirt, hat, buy SF Giants Spring Training tickets and some collection's card, with all souvenirs thing's about San Francisco Giants. Then I spend my time, to watch our favourite San Francisco Giants when they training, if I have to visit there.

Had chest pain

Today when I wake up , I felt pain on my chest. I don't know why. Last night when I went to back it was OK not flt anything. I know it ever happened to my sister once.
So I called my sister again and asked her what medicine she took.She was laughing to me when I phoned her. And she told me to use Counterpain...it is a kind of analgesic balm at my place. I hope it works to me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Edinburgh Accomodations

I have a friend from London, actually she was my classmate when I was a kid. But now she had been married and moved to United Kingdom. Yesterday she called me again...and we have a great talk. At the end of our conversation she asked me when I want to visit her at United Kingdom.ha..ha.. I wish I can go there too..I said to her. I really mean it ...
She told me a lot great place at there like Edinburgh ,there are twenty things excited place about Edinburgh...and I must go there by myself it see it all ,nice..nice...she told me if I have a plan to stay there, she wants to find me the best Edinburgh Accommodations .
I am very thankful to her...how is a nice friend she is...and from there she guard me to go to Manchester...ha..ha..ha.. I know this place from news..very great, my sister must like it very much ,she said that I would really get a sense of what a city is all about by attending one of its homegrown annual events, when the locals put their best foot forward in welcoming guests and having a blast. From antique fairs to holiday galas, we can see what's on the list and have double check the dates and plan our trip to coincide with the festivities! And sure we must find great Manchester Accommodations too
And she told me the last place that she know I dream it when we was a kid...a Newcastle..OMG she still remember about it. We can see a lot of museum at there too.Good I like museum very much...and beside museum I am sure there are a lot of old castle waiting for me , I is very wonderful walking at that place and stay Newcastle Hotels ...very nice... I hope I can go there as soon as I can.

Do coffee shops discriminate against women?

Wow I heard this title topic on Yahoo news. And suddenly I feel a little upset from my self. Is it true ? The coment from them is like that :
That's the conclusion of American economist Caitlin Knowles Myers. She, with her students as research assistants, staked out eight coffee shops (PDF) in the Boston area and watched how long it took men and women to be served. Her conclusion: Men get their coffee 20 seconds earlier than do women. (There is also evidence that blacks wait longer than whites, the young wait longer than the old, and the ugly wait longer than the beautiful. But these effects are statistically not as persuasive.)
I think at think it again. When I was in coffee shop this evening , is it happens to me ? But I don't have the answer because I don't put my attention on this problem. But if I saw this problem before I went to the coffee shop ...I am sure I would take a review on it. For me it is a very exciting ....

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nudie Jeans

When I was in shopping Mal this afternoon , I saw a lot of fashion...and they looked nice. Suddenly I realise that I need to buy women fashion too. Actually mine is enough..but sawing a lot of new fashion make me felt that mine is not up to date anymore.And when I told my friend about my plan she told me that she found a good site that is more interesting than my plan.
I am laughing to her...I think she must be lie to me.So I try to search the site and...yes...she is true this time. I looked a lot of mo dist fashion at there. My eyes caught seven for all mankind fashion...I like it very much. It is a lovely jeans....I think I must be good wear this one.When I asked my friend for her opinion, she laugh at me again.Whats wrong with her...I don't understand...have I asked her a funny things ?
At last she told me too , she said the jeans is great looking but if I am not sure this Tobi.com site have a great service. They have professional stylist and we can asked them to get the best advice.Wow...this is very interesting ,we can have live chatting...sure I don't want to miss this opportunity. I never had this service before and I think it must be very great idea .
I also see a lot of nudie jeans. They looked good too , actually it is slim Jim skinny jeans, I think my friend would looked nudie if she wear this one.


Today I have a great day...my sister and I were going at shopping centre and because we want to work too so we took our laptop with us. This is nice because my sister can browsing the internet and I can shopping at the mal.Now a days these place have a lot of hot spot so while having a cup of coffee we can do our work too.
And this time I found a great way for people whose have a problem of hair loss. This is a good news because I see a lot of people have problem with the hair.This trustsource site have their product ranked and we can view others opinion on that product. I have problem on my hair too so it is a good news to me.
I saw a product which the name is provillus. I think it is great because provillus aggressively seeds our scalp to create the optimum environment for new, healthy hairs. It supplies the proper nutrition required to bring damaged, dead hair follicles back to life. And after I read the reviews I am sure this is what I need. So browsing at shopping mal is nice ...I found what I want and this site also have a great solution for people who have a problem on cash advance. They have payday loans which one is very nice offer. You can search it too if you have this problem.

Cash Advance

Talking about cash advance is always interesting. I know a lot people ever had this experience...and payday loans is one of our best solutions. In the past time a lot of people have to sell their property...sometimes it makes them felt uncomfortable. Because at that time we need a cash and others people that wants to buy our property know the situation, they asked at a low price. It must be very hurt us ...because we know our property is not so cheap as they asked. But we must sold it too because of our short term loans.
Sometimes they don't want to sold the property because of this condition and have to borrow it with their family.This one solution can be done too...but we felt not good mood...you know sometimes they have back issue about us because of borrowing money from them. This is very horrible...I don't like it and I am sure all people have the same opinion about this problem.
So by having pay day loans at cash advance ,we can prevent this bad situation and we feel great because we can have a good solution .

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Great Plan

My friend came to my house yesterday. We have a lot of talks. Yeah... my friend always said to me when all ladies talking it is very noisy and it like this world is ours.ha..ha..ha.. I totally agree of what she said to me. When I was talking I can forget to cook or others things. It is tterible too. But I always control my mind and try to note what I must do when we are talking...but you know sometimes are out of control.
Yesterday we have a great talk about beauty...this is a never ending story for us.And I think all women have this hobby too. We want to know and prevent our health ,beauty as long as we can. And I heard from my friend that some of our friend have a plastic surgery ....hm...this is interesting. I read about this very much. As I know we should go to the best place with the best doctor for us. I told my friend I ever heard this before...and I saw a good result from them.My friend was very eager want to know about it. ha..ha..ha.. I know she must have a plan on it too and I am agree with her.
I have heard about Beverly Hills plastic surgeon from success people.So I suggested my friend try to search Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery and if she is interested she can do it at there. My friend thanks to me for this information and want to search it after she went home.
Today she called me again...and of course I asked her about last night topic. She said actually she want to told me about this one too..ha..ha.. I know her. She is like that from years to years never change...she said she has looked at that site and totally she felt great with it.

Sad Pangolins

I saw on today hot news on Yahoo says that "BANGKOK (AFP) - Thai Customs officers said Saturday they have rescued more than 100 pangolins and arrested three men attempting to smuggle the endangered animals to China, where they were destined for the cooking pot. "
I am so sad heard about this...why they want to kill this cute animal just for eat. It is a bad habits for people who like to eat like that.
I am agree that some of says it is good taste but it is not a wise decision to eat this pangolins. So I think to be a vegetarian is better. Good health..good food and good living for all of us.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

France travel

My friend Susy phoned me last night....we have a great talk. You know talking with friend is always exciting. We are talking a lot of gossip, news, celeb news ha..ha..and the last one that is the most exciting is she asked my opinion about France.
This is nice, I always like this topic. She has a plan on France travel. I said to Susy, it is a great idea and I love it very much. I also recommended her a lot of France accommodation .I told her I have a plan go to there too,but I must wait for the long vacation.Patient....I told my self.

Free Chat Dating

I have a friend called me last night. He is my old friend and now he stay far away from my town.Actually I feel a little funny because I never heard his voice for a long time.He talk to me about 15 minutes and told me that he already broke with his girl friend. He just need talk ...and I suggest him to try to search free dating site. He told me that it is a good idea and he want a free live chat or free phone chat. ...my funny friend.

Prince Harry

Yeah..I saw a hot news OMG Yahoo...I like to looked celebraty news and now I saw my favorite topic too today it is about Prince Harry from London. It is nice to hear their news because I like Princess Diana very much and always want to know news about her family.
The news report that
Prince Harry and his Zimbabwean-born girlfriend have ended their three-year romance, a newspaper reported Sunday.The News of the World said the Chelsy Davy, who has been studying at a college in England while dating the prince, broke off the relationship this week after losing patience with his playboy lifestyle and lack of commitment to her.
Wow...it is not easy for that girl....

Family Insurance Policies

I have ever talk about insurance but it is a hot topic and every one needs to know a lot of information about it so am I too. I always search a lot of insurance site to looked which is better for my family.You know...family is the most important of my life and I want to protect as much as I can by looking a good Family Insurance Policies. And sure I want the best price with the best services.
I saw Advantage Medical Quotes is great for save money on health care insurance because we can quotes on it. I am sure we can get the best price by quotes .We can get quotes for healthcare insurance from their online service .
By filling a form we can compare and gets the lower our costs with their health quoting services.I think this service is nice and I would like to try it and told my sister this nice site.

Buddhist Party

Yesterday I went to a Buddhist social party. It is great to saw the a lot of show, traditional dance and Buddhist monk. We all have vegetarian food. I like the food very much.It taste very nice ...I wish I can cooked like that too but it is not easy to made vegetarian meat. It is not a really meat but it taste like meat...ha..ha..

Friday, November 9, 2007

Ms Merchant Account

Having business is a nice thing for us. But there are a lot of rules and problem sometimes can make me feel confused. Actually we don't have a lot of experience and information that support to our online business. It says if we have a business and we depend on the ability to process credit card transactions in order to conveniently serve our customers.
I saw this Ms Merchant Account can get out our my problem in internet service. This site offers a lot of ways for merchants. It likes to accept credit card payments for both online credit card processing, offline retail shops, card processing, and international merchant accounts.
They are able work with all business sizes to secure the lowest rates possible for credit card processing. It is very interesting for me. And they are dedicated to answering our questions and helping us get off to a good start. I have my friend in travel company it must be a good information for him too.

Honda Cars

I think almost all of us have a car. But most of us buy the car by traditional way. What I means is we plan to have a new car,go to the dealer, picking the price and pays the car...right. But today I saw an interesting Honda Car Quotes at my computer.
Yes..this is great because we can get compare quotes below wholesale price by letting dealers complate it. It is so fantastic, I never seen it before. We will get 2 qoutes , I have try it .It is so quick and easy for any body. I would like to looked at Honda Cars and buy fill in the form I can qoute and have the best Honda Car Prices ...it is so exciting for me.

My worried

My pagrank is dancing now. But the dance is bad for me because it dance from 2 to 1 but I don't know ..it is the final result or not. I hope it will still dance and I can get again my pagerank. I have seen other's blog have the same problem like me too.
I am confused about this pagerank..sometimes I wonder don't want to know but when I join the forum and saw lots of people talked about it I am anxious want to know what is going to my site too.ha..ha..

Discount Click

Getting traffic is an important thing for me. If my site have a lot of traffic it must be a lot of people looked. And from this traffic I can get a lot of benefit.The first one may be my page rank will increase and the most important one I can track my sales up.I believe with a lot of people looking on my site, there must be some people interested on what I am selling.This one lesson it can called Internet Marketing too.
It is a popular topic for every one and I saw Discount Click is great for me. This site have great SEO services specialize in increasing our companies web site's marketing efforts and search engine traffic also have the same function which is to increase online sales for our business.
And for the last one it have satisfaction guaranteed .I like this service very much we are not satisfied with their marketing services performance and want to cancel, the SEO Marketing service will be cancelled and our account will be closed. So there is no further commitments or balances of contracts to pay out.

Sop Buntut

I cooked beef tail soup today. It taste good too with a little spicy.In Indonesian menu its called "Sop Buntut" Actually I don't know what should I cooked , but when I opened my refrigerator I saw a box of beef meat at there.
So I can have lunch Sop Buntut with rice and some vegetables.It is not much menu but I think it is enough for my family.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Sometimes in my life I felt depressed, it is hardly to know why. Having a lot of problem that mix to a big one problem may be is the answer for me. I know I have friends and family to share ,but some times I have made a call and hearing their busy voice make me stop to sharing. And some of them that I feel that not a best person to share.
I think my problem will disappeared because I saw a Bettercaring site. This site service for people like us who needs answers to crucial questions about care for ourselves or may be it can be our loved ones.
They also can arrange the right kind of care like nursing homes , so our grand mother have their solution too.I think our grand mother would happy if they join with this site. It must be great that we have so much care, read daily care news and views, and receive tips on from care experts.And it have a community forum so we can discuss our own experiences within the care system.

Hotel in France

I like Europe very much. Talking about the countries at there always make me so interested. I haven't go there yet but I must go if I have a long vacation. I read a lot of information about France , this huge country is the most women like to go there. France is known to be one of the top shopping destinations in the world. I promised my self I must buy the top brands when at there and stay a good hotel in France is perfect for me.
Looking the picture make me imagined if I am in Paris , shopping and dining. Yeah...dining is important too. It must be very nice to have a great dinner after looked around the city. I saw http://www.cheaperthanhotels.co.uk/France/ have a nice deals with hotels in Paris .So we can have the best hotel with the best price.
Going to the local cuisine is great too, I always like to try looked and taste some new one so we can know and maybe blog about them. Try to eat their specialities of those restaurants is my hobby too.So having all these exciting experience and stay at nice hotel is very great journey.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Top Ten Foods for a Good Night's Sleep

I saw an article on Yahoo said "Top 10 Foods for a Good Night's Sleep" yeah...I want to know too what food exactly can make me have a good sleep.Actually I don't have problem on sleep but to know it is pretty good.
They're practically a sleeping pill in a peel. In addition to a bit of soothing melatonin and serotonin, bananas contain magnesium, a muscle relaxant.
Chamomile tea.
The reason chamomile is such a staple of bedtime tea blends is its mild sedating effect - it's the perfect natural antidote for restless minds/bodies.
Warm milk.
It's not a myth. Milk has some tryptophan - an amino acid that has a sedative - like effect - and calcium, which helps the brain use tryptophan. Plus there's the psychological throw-back to infancy, when a warm bottle meant "relax, everything's fine."
Drizzle a little in your warm milk or herb tea. Lots of sugar is stimulating, but a little glucose tells your brain to turn off orexin, a recently discovered neurotransmitter that's linked to alertness.
A small baked spud won't overwhelm your GI tract, and it clears away acids that can interfere with yawn-inducing tryptophan. To up the soothing effects, mash it with warm milk.
Oats are a rich source of sleep - inviting melatonin, and a small bowl of warm cereal with a splash of maple syrup is cozy - plus if you've got the munchies, it's filling too.
A handful of these heart-healthy nuts can be snooze-inducing, as they contain both tryptophan and a nice dose of muscle-relaxing magnesium.
When life goes awry and feeling down is keeping you up, try sprinkling 2 tablespoons of these healthy little seeds on your bedtime oatmeal. They're rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a natural mood lifter.
Whole-wheat bread.
A slice of toast with your tea and honey will release insulin, which helps tryptophan get to your brain, where it's converted to serotonin and quietly murmurs "time to sleep."
It's the most famous source of tryptophan, credited with all those Thanksgiving naps. But that's actually modern folklore. Tryptophan works when your stomach's basically empty, not overstuffed, and when there are some carbs around, not tons of protein. But put a lean slice or two on some whole-wheat bread mid-evening, and you've got one of the best sleep inducers in your kitchen.
After I read all about this, I think I would pick up Chamomile tea. Because I like to drink tea so I think I would like to drink tea first,hot milk is my second choice and next is honey.

Payday Loans Quotes

Talking about loans is always interesting. But for some people it is very confusing. For my opinion it is not not complicated if we have read the term before. We must calculate with carefully our ability and make sure it once again.
I saw a nice loans site, it is very simple for us to get approved. It is simple because No Fax Payday Loans ,we can have our loans approved just to do 3 easy steps and it is all online.
First step is we must fill out a 1-page online form , after our information have been received by lender . Based on that information, a lender may qualify you for a loan.After that the lender would connect us and talking about loans term.
If we are approved, we simply agree to the loan terms, submit our electronic agreement, If approved, our loan will be deposited directly into our bank account the next business day.
So this Payday Loans Quotes is a easy and quick way to bridge our cash need ,$200 to $1500 in as little as 24 hours and it is a free quotes, no obligation, no strings .

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


My sister is having a new place for her office. I have saw the new office once, it is great. This office is bigger than the old one. But with this new office she would need a lot of office supplies like computer furniture . She asked me to looked which one is better and should have a strong furniture. I knew my sister,she always want the best one .But truly I agree with her ,the good furniture is the most important thing if we want to buy.
I phoned her this afternoon, asked her to view Versa Tables.com that offers a lot of computer table , desk and others things that I am sure suitable for her. These all are American made and have guaranteed for life.We can looked it with very clearly. I saw there have a lot kind office furniture and it have pretty looking.
This site also have school computer furniture , it looked very nice and design for all ages.These furniture are all special design for multi use and I am sure every one who used it will have a great experience.

The Fish Tank

I saw a lovely fish tanks at my friend's house. It is very nice to see the cute fish in it. She has a lot of lovely fish . Looking for her fish make me feel good and I think it is a great way to protect us from stress.ha..ha..I saw a lot of people like it very much,so it means a lot of people are going to protect them selves from stress by having cute fish .
She told me there are a lot of aquarium supplies (fresh and saltwater tanks) if I interested. And this Fish Tanks Direct is a leading online acrylic fish tank distributer.Oh..I see ,she give me a complete information .
For my choice I love to have acrylic aquariums ,it seems more lighter, stronger, and clearer. Having hot tea in this raining afternoon make me dreams my lovely fish tank.

Queen Elizabeth

Wow...this is a great news for me, I looked at Yahoo news said that Queen Elizabeth in fashion top 50 . I always like to view their news.From Diana,her sons, Prince Charles or others is my favorite news .She has a very practical approach to fashion and a great sense of occasion...this is what I read from the news.
And it also said that "This month she becomes the first British monarch to celebrate a diamond wedding anniversary and next month she becomes Britain's oldest ever reigning monarch,"
Oh..I like this queen very much and proud of her very much.

Coupons and Deals

After having bad traffic this morning, I think it is more interesting with online shopping. Yeah...we can shopping at our nice home,siting and enjoy our tea or coffee.Like now I saw a lot of offer from Dell coupons .There are tons of good things that we can shop.
It is so easy for us just click online discount code and we can find a lot of things at the great prices.It is so exciting to see a lot of offer.
I am interested with ShoeBuy discount offer.It have hot sale discount 20 % and it looks great if I buy it for my mother.

Buss Way

This morning I went to the city , and I have a heavy traffic from my house to the city.Usually it takes 15 minutes drive,but this time I need 1,5 hours.It is very crazy.It is because all the road have been renovating. They build buss way road. It is a way especially for the bus. I know it is good because the bus can have their own road,but this renovation takes a long time and caused a lot of traffic at any place.


I love to maintain my house very much.Maintain for what I mean is trying to looked what furniture is suitable for my home.So I like to see home and furniture news in magazine or internet.Just like now I saw teak garden furniture , I like teak wood furniture very much. It is strong , easy to clean and not need a lot of our attention.I have saw a lot of my friend's garden used it.It is very nice sitting this wood chair at afternoon while having tea time.
Talked about garden I saw a lot of teak benches in this site . It looked nice crafted from the finest quality teak wood and are available in eye-catching styles and practical sizes. A lot of size that we can choose 4,5 or 6 feet long , for me I like the 5 feet one but its all depending for us.
From I saw these teak benches provide luxurious way, after saw this I like to create an outdoor oasis of my own with a high end teak wood bench. It is great for me because I can having tea time with my friends and sitting on this teak wood furniture.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hair Loss

Yesterday I went to my sister's house looked for my mom. She asked me to came and cooked my favorite soup.I love my mum very much and when I saw her I realize that she has lost a lot of her hair.I felt bad about this and after going home I try to looked Hair Loss Specialists information. I must get the good information and make sure that it is the best solution for my mother's hair.And I found it .
It have pre-screened consumer rated hair transplant surgeons in our area. So this Hair Loss site allowed us to get depth hair transplant surgery information to free consultations. They have a Signature Forum. And the nice one is all members have to maintain a minimum level of service to maintain their membership with this forum while others works towards SignatureCertified™ status, setting them apart from both national and local competition.
So we as a consumer can take comfort that our hair transplant surgeons are selected for quality service,and it was rate by people like us. So it makes everyone who consults with a SignatureForum network provider have their appointment feeling educated about their hair loss treatment.And we can make a good decision that is right for us.

A Funny Dream

Last night I was dream about a funny things.Yeah...I dream I was working at company,and my boss told me to do a lot of job. It is very funny for me because I don't working any more at that company over than 10 years but I still dream about my job.
But truly I love that job, I had been working that company for 6 years , I quit from my job because my family have been moved to another city so I have to moved too.May be I still miss my job so I can dream about it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


I think all of us must know about insurance. But sometimes it still make me a little confuse. The problem is so much kind of insurance and there are a lot of rate and benefits that we can get.Sure the prices are different too. Like this time our car insurance almost expired,my sister wants to change a new one because she think the service is not good enough and the rates is too high.
So I asked her to compare car insurance and the benefits.I told her to read the terms carefully and compare it with others.Sometimes it is not easy to learn about it.But with a lot of information at that site I think we can get the best one that suits to our needs.
Talking about insurance reminds me that our home insurance would be expired too at this December.I want to change it too because last time our insurance is not included floating water.It is not suit for the condition of our place.Rains every day and I saw the water will floating again. I will change it and told my sister to learn more about home insurance too.

Lord Of The Ring

I just came back from my friend's house. I saw a DVD "Lord of the ring" at her house. It is my favorite film too.I have been seen this film before at the theatre but she said this DVD contain a full story of Lord of the ring. And we have to spend 4 hours if we wants to see it.
I think it is interesting,and I want to know too what exactly the film that has no sensor like. So I borrow this DVD from her.
Tonight is the perfect time to watch it .

A nice garage cabinet

We have a small house.I like it very much but some times I feel confused to place my things.Actually our things are not much but with the small house it is a problem too.So I think we need to make a garage cabinets .I am sure our things would be very tidy and if I want to use it I know where to take.
I saw aluminum garage cabinets is very nice, it will not rust or deteriorate when exposed to moisture.And aluminum garage cabinets are resistant to mold, mildew and corrosion. It looked perfect for our need.

Salmon Fish

Sitting in front of computer, searching and working suddenly I want to eat salmon fish..ha..ha..ha..I don't know why,maybe I am hungry now.It is 11.30 am in my city,so it can be hungry too.But I didn't bought salmon. I think it is very good taste eat salmon fish with Japanese sushi.
Tonight is a perfect time to go to Japanese restaurant,it is Saturday now...so it is weekend.ha..ha.. what a good plan,I would tell my sister but I am sure she will be laughing me.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Cool Tactical

Any one of you know where to buy police gear ? I saw it at 5.11 tactical site. It is very cool for me to see a lot of police gear like Tactical Holster, it is for gun.Yeah..it reminds me for the cops film at TV.May be they bought this things in this place.
But I think we can buy it too, my friends like it very much. I think they would be cool if they wear tactical Sabre Jacket .I see it have free shipping on all orders if we buy over $ 50,it is great.


Today I cooked "rendang".It is Indonesian traditional menu. "Rendang" is beef meats cooked with Indonesian spices with coconut oil. It taste good but it would take a long time to cook it.
I spent 1,5 hours to cook rendang.This meat must be cooked for a long time because it is not tenderloin site. So we can not eat it like beef steak.But after cooked for a long time with the spicy , this meat is so good to eat.


I saw a unique site today, it have all hemorrhoids treatment product which listed at TrustSource.org. I call unique because this is not like others site I saw before, this site allowed us to ranking the product and review it. We also can see others reviews on the product. Truly it is very help for us and we can get a lot of information about the people who get hemorrhoids and their solution to get this off.
By looking for the reviews we can know which product is the best one for us. I have a few of friends which had this pain too. I know they have going to treatment centre,but some of them didn't get the anything better. It is very sad for them and I can feel their pain too.
I would told this hemorrhoids site to my friends and hope they would find which one is better.For me what I have to do to prevent is :
1. Eat high fiber foods.
2. Drink plenty of liquid
3. Consider fiber supplements
4. Exercise
5. Avoid long periods of standing or sitting
6. Don't strain
7. Incorporate dietary suppliments into your healthy eating regimen to encourage healthy bowel movements.
These informations I got from this site too and I think it is a good thing to tell all one.

Scrubs and Beyond

Talking about nursing at my previous post reminds me for the nursing fashion. I found there are a lot variety of scrub tops and scrub pants at Katherine Heigl Scrubs .It is very fashionable , I like the fashion very much.It is very boring to see a nurse wear only one kind of uniform,I mean it the classic and white one.
Scrubs & Beyond also offer Medical Scrubs , it is great too. They have tall medical scrubs, and plus size medical scrubs.I saw the Nursing Scrubs offer is very interesting for me. I don't know why ,may be I think a women wear this nurse fashion is nice. This site have online selling and it have medical uniforms and nursing scrubs for groups too.

Looking for this I imagine if a hospital have a great uniforms, it must be very fresh,familiar and seems like a very welcome hospital . I said like this because I have a bad experience with the hospital, it looked old ,white,and strange feeling. It makes me have afraid feeling and looking for the hospital is a bad thing for me.

But I am sure this feeling will change if they have these great fashion.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hondros Nursing School

Last month I heard from my mother's friend who has been stayed in United States said that her daughter planning to school again, she wants to study at Ohio Nursing Schools ,actually I was a little surprised to hear it.
Why she wants to study nursing and choose this Hondros College ? So I search the site and found it that nursing is a highly regarded profession.And according to a 2004 Gallup Poll, nurses were voted no 1 among honesty and ethical standards for various professions.So this is a very good reason for she to study again and Hondros have a good reputation for nursing with highest educational standards.
For my personal opinion this is great and she choose the best place to study at Hondros. I saw a lot of good reasons at this site for her to study at there. There are a lot of career entry programs at Hondros like real estate,insurance,securities ,Appraisal etc.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

I saw news on Yahoo that J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter's book has completed her first book book not to feature teen wizard Harry Potter an illustrated collection of magical fairy stories titled "The Tales of Beedle the Bard." It is a wonderful title and it said that only seven copies of the book are being printed.
She said that one will be auctioned next month to raise money for a children's charity, while the others have been given away as gifts.So who is the lucky one to get it ?
"The Tales of Beedle the Bard" is mentioned in the final Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," as a gift left by headmaster Albus Dumbledore to Harry's friend Hermione, and provides clues that help destroy evil Lord Voldemort.
"'The Tales of Beedle the Bard' is really a distillation of the themes found in the Harry Potter books, and writing it has been the most wonderful way to say goodbye to a world I have loved and lived in for 17 years," Rowling said in a statement.
I always think she is a wonderful women and it is not easy... I want to read the book too,I am very exciting for this Harry Potter.

Easy Polling Site

Tonight I saw an easy-poll.com - create your own poll site, it is a nice polling site.We can get it free, just to sign in and in a few minutes there are offers free questionnaires for webmasters like us and they have online services.
We can get a large selection of patterns and colors for free polls, it is very professional look . This system is great because it is so simple for me .No need database , additional software or IT support. All of this have handled and calculated on their servers.
I think it is good for me to have this free polling site so it makes me have more information ,so I try to create my poll now.

Wonderful Life

First of November.It is a year now...I remembered last year at November I try to learning internet more deeply and at that time I don't know what is blogging,code html,pagerank and all others things.
I just know to looked at Yahoo,email and a lot of news.It was not easy for me to learn all this by my self,no one teach me,no internet friends.The only I have is a great spirit from my self to learn a lot and I am sure I can passed it with well.
And now this evening I think it again what I have to do one year ago and now I feel very happy with this moment.
Life is so wonderful for me and I have proved it by my self.Cheers for me....ha..ha..

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Loose Diamonds

As a women I like diamond very much, I always excited to see the sparkling of diamond.I have a diamond ring which is a wedding ring, it is very beautiful. I saw Loose Diamonds from A&W Diamond, it is amazing...you know now they are now grand opening sell to the public so we can buy directly Loose Diamonds without buying the diamonds from a middle-man or a jeweler.
Looking for this site help me very much for knowing diamond and sure I can buy it more cheaper than usual.
This is the press release :
New York, New York – A&W Diamonds is now open to the public. This is the first time that a loose diamond wholesaler has made their inventory open to the public at such attractive prices. Previous to the opening of AWdiamonds.com, A&W diamonds sold loose diamonds exclusively to jewelers and retail stores.
A&W Diamonds is a third generation diamond wholesaler based out of the diamond district in Midtown Manhattan. A&W Diamonds is run by Larry Weissfeld who is continuing the family business; he had this to say about his company. “We felt for a long time that the diamond market was lacking a public wholesaler. We wanted people to have access to affordable loose diamonds so that they could design their own jewelry and have more control over design and cost.”
AWdiamonds.com has thousands of diamonds available for sale in all shapes, colors, cuts and sizes. They also offer a matching diamond search engine so that customers can find matching diamonds for earrings or rings with multiple stones. Along with the diamonds AWdiamonds.com has a comprehensive diamond education center which should be a first stop for all novice diamond shoppers.
Benefits of Buying Loose Diamonds:
Price – Buying directly from the wholesaler is cheapest way to buy loose diamonds. Design – Customers can choose their own designer and diamond, freeing them from ready-made choices at the jewelry store. Quality – All loose diamond at A&W Diamonds are certified by independent laboratories including GIA, EGL and IGI. Selection – A&W Diamonds offers thousands of loose diamonds in all shapes, cuts and colors to choose from.
About A&W Diamonds: A&W Diamonds deals solely with loose diamonds. It is a third generation family business that provided loose diamonds to jewelers all over the world. With a selection of thousands of loose diamonds their goal is to make sure that everybody can find their perfect diamond.


I just saw a hot topic on Yahoo Home Page,it is so interesting.The title was "hot sauce for pain relief " I never heard it before,and because in my country a lot of people eat it every day , so I try to blog it too.It says that:
"Doctors are dripping the chemical that gives chili peppers their fire directly into open wounds during knee replacement and a few other highly painful operations.
Don't try this at home: These experiments use an ultra-purified version of capsaicin to avoid infection — and the volunteers are under anesthesia so they don't scream at the initial burn.
How could something searing possibly soothe? Bite a hot pepper, and after the burn your tongue goes numb. The hope is that bathing surgically exposed nerves in a high enough dose will numb them for weeks, so that patients suffer less pain and require fewer narcotic painkillers as they heal."
After I read this news I think it is true,but I don't want to try it for my self. I like to eat chili with others food and after I feel my tounge was burn I drink a little hot tea,it is very nice.

Drinking Goji

Wow..I have a good news for people who have cancer,yeah..it is remind me again with my friend's auntie who was died two weeks ago. I found that Goji Berries may be considered as an alternative nutritional therapy for the treatment of the dreaded disease cancer.It is very interesting for me that this wonder fruit has been a part of the medicine of countries like Tibet, Japan, China and also Switzerland for several hundred years now.
I think this treatment is good more naturally,better than Chemotherapy that they said can have several side effects like loss of memory,loss hair and seems this technique of treatment destroys several healthy cells along with the malignant cells.
This Goji fruit which found at Tibetan Himalayas also its leaves can destroy the cancer cells in the test tube itself. So we can eat the fruit like extract juice or dried one as we like ,it is believe effective in treating lung cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer, testicular cancer and uterine cancer.
We can drink Goji Berries in daily to keep our health preventing our selves from cancer and I see there are a lot of kind that we can choose like dried one , juice or others liquid one.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I wish

Blogging about travelling always make me excited,I love travel very much. I wish one day I can every day travel from one city to another city, country to country like most of American people I saw in my place.
I see their face are very happy, not like most of Asian people ha..ha..not all I know.We must think about work,business, and a lot of problems around us and make us seems to worry.
So every time I try to raliaze...relax...breath....thinking positive...try to make my life happy as possible and drink a cup of tea will very help.

Hawaii Vacation

Today Lisa told me that she found Hawaii home rentals ,she must be still remember that I told her I want to visit Hawaii if I have a long holiday. I always love beach , and I hear that Hawaii is very popular beach,so I decided to go there.
I started to search this site and saw Hawaii Travel Blog which is very nice...Aloha...the sea with the beautiful sands and there have a lot Kauai vacation rental.I saw a lot of picture of Kauai , the location,price and over view...it is perfect.

No..no I just saw Oahu Vacation Info too. This is good too.I think I would spend a long time to see it slowly and decided what is the best place for us.But the long holiday would be a good solution for us.

I really thank to Lisa so much and tomorrow I will ask her if she and her family wants to go with us...it is more fun.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Activities At Sunday

Today is Sunday, I didn't cooked again. Because this is busy day.I want to do home work and all others thing. Last week I just come back from my vacation so I have a lot of laundry to do. And I saw quite a lot dust at my furniture like my working table,sofa, and kitchen set.
So today is a working hard day. Buying food from restaurant is the best choice for me.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Magic Loans

Talking about loans for some people is very confusing, it happened to me too when we want bought our beauty house.I still remember our worry and afraid that we can't pass it.
But today I see Magic Loans provide secured homeowner loans of between £5,000 and £250,000 for any purpose, allowing for repayment from 3 and up to 30 years. It is a very benefit deal...
And I looked this Home Equity Loans very great because they used the equity in our home is the value of our home once any indebtedness tied to it, including any outstanding mortgage amount, has been deducted.For my personal this kind is more benefit and I would like to use this one for the next time.