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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beautiful Dream

Do you love to hear my travel this time ? It is my friend's word last night when I called her. Yeah...I phone Elly because I felt very boring and try to have a conversation with my friends. You know....having conversation always exciting and I am happy after that. Especially talking about our favorite one. And my friend did it, she knows I always like travelling and she bookmarked my website so she know I like blogging travelling very much.
Absolutely I was excited and asked Elly to talked about her trip to Amsterdam this time. I heard that Amsterdam began as a fishing village, it has grown over time to be the largest city in the Netherlands and one of the most densely populated cities in Europe. And a lot of tourist often centers on the canal...it is great for me. I never saw beautiful canal in my place.And that these canals leading to the sea that helped Amsterdam grow in years past.Elly told me it is very romantic to saw this beautiful country with the great Canals, van Gough Museum, Dam square and stay in nice Amsterdam hotels .
After from Amsterdam they go to another beautiful country...it is Athens...I yell her when she told me about Athens. I never go to there and I hope I am the first of my friends to visit this country...but she did it again...she win from me...ha..ha.. but I am happy to hear it from them. She told me how amazing this country and she had a beautiful dream at Athens hotel .I said to her my be I have more beautiful dream than she when I go there. I said to her I hope I can have beautiful dreams at any hotels I stay include greece hotels and praque hotels .She laugh at me ha..ha..ha..

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