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Monday, November 12, 2007

A Great Plan

My friend came to my house yesterday. We have a lot of talks. Yeah... my friend always said to me when all ladies talking it is very noisy and it like this world is ours.ha..ha..ha.. I totally agree of what she said to me. When I was talking I can forget to cook or others things. It is tterible too. But I always control my mind and try to note what I must do when we are talking...but you know sometimes are out of control.
Yesterday we have a great talk about beauty...this is a never ending story for us.And I think all women have this hobby too. We want to know and prevent our health ,beauty as long as we can. And I heard from my friend that some of our friend have a plastic surgery ....hm...this is interesting. I read about this very much. As I know we should go to the best place with the best doctor for us. I told my friend I ever heard this before...and I saw a good result from them.My friend was very eager want to know about it. ha..ha..ha.. I know she must have a plan on it too and I am agree with her.
I have heard about Beverly Hills plastic surgeon from success people.So I suggested my friend try to search Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery and if she is interested she can do it at there. My friend thanks to me for this information and want to search it after she went home.
Today she called me again...and of course I asked her about last night topic. She said actually she want to told me about this one too..ha..ha.. I know her. She is like that from years to years never change...she said she has looked at that site and totally she felt great with it.

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