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Friday, November 2, 2007

Scrubs and Beyond

Talking about nursing at my previous post reminds me for the nursing fashion. I found there are a lot variety of scrub tops and scrub pants at Katherine Heigl Scrubs .It is very fashionable , I like the fashion very much.It is very boring to see a nurse wear only one kind of uniform,I mean it the classic and white one.
Scrubs & Beyond also offer Medical Scrubs , it is great too. They have tall medical scrubs, and plus size medical scrubs.I saw the Nursing Scrubs offer is very interesting for me. I don't know why ,may be I think a women wear this nurse fashion is nice. This site have online selling and it have medical uniforms and nursing scrubs for groups too.

Looking for this I imagine if a hospital have a great uniforms, it must be very fresh,familiar and seems like a very welcome hospital . I said like this because I have a bad experience with the hospital, it looked old ,white,and strange feeling. It makes me have afraid feeling and looking for the hospital is a bad thing for me.

But I am sure this feeling will change if they have these great fashion.


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