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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Edinburgh Accomodations

I have a friend from London, actually she was my classmate when I was a kid. But now she had been married and moved to United Kingdom. Yesterday she called me again...and we have a great talk. At the end of our conversation she asked me when I want to visit her at United Kingdom.ha..ha.. I wish I can go there too..I said to her. I really mean it ...
She told me a lot great place at there like Edinburgh ,there are twenty things excited place about Edinburgh...and I must go there by myself it see it all ,nice..nice...she told me if I have a plan to stay there, she wants to find me the best Edinburgh Accommodations .
I am very thankful to her...how is a nice friend she is...and from there she guard me to go to Manchester...ha..ha..ha.. I know this place from news..very great, my sister must like it very much ,she said that I would really get a sense of what a city is all about by attending one of its homegrown annual events, when the locals put their best foot forward in welcoming guests and having a blast. From antique fairs to holiday galas, we can see what's on the list and have double check the dates and plan our trip to coincide with the festivities! And sure we must find great Manchester Accommodations too
And she told me the last place that she know I dream it when we was a kid...a Newcastle..OMG she still remember about it. We can see a lot of museum at there too.Good I like museum very much...and beside museum I am sure there are a lot of old castle waiting for me , I is very wonderful walking at that place and stay Newcastle Hotels ...very nice... I hope I can go there as soon as I can.

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