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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Planning For Holiday

Talking about Moslem's new year " Idul Fitri " I just remember one big thing. Yeah it is big holiday....holiday for at least four teen days...very long. ha..ha..ha...Actually for me as a work at home woman, every day I can be like holiday ....but for my whole family, this is really holiday for us , because at these days business are not running and all person are on their holiday.Some people like go to mountain area, some like go to fishing and others like go to other place...like me and my family.
If we don't have a long holiday , we can not go far away from our country. But in this time I think I will go to place that we have never been go before....but I must discuss it first with my family. If they agree so others planning for flights and hotel are my job to find it...yeah like Hotel Reservations is my favorite job you know.
This Hotel Reservations.com usually offers a lot of discount, today I search again and looked we can save up 70 % off. It is a lot money for me because we want to have a long holiday, and this site offer us a lot of hotel , motel , resorts and vacation rental. It is important for us to get vacation rental because we have a lot of people go together, so must need a car or something like that.

We can book our flight too + hotel + car so at one place ,it is safe my time very much and I do not need to phone others travel for car or hotel anymore.And I saw there have vacation package too....I think this time I like traveling with cruise.... If you are interested you can make a call toll free to make your Reservation 1-800-447-4136 (in US & Canada) (they are open 24 hours- 7 days week ) or in Europe:00-800-1276-3549 (Valid in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia) Worldwide phone no:(1) 817-333-5105

Idul Fitri

I just came back from shopping Mal , and I saw a lot of parcel for sale at there...yeah today it is 26 September...and at 13 October next month , the Moslem's people at my country will celebrate their new year...it is call " Idul Fitri " or "Hari Raya"
At my country this is a big holiday..usually we have holiday start at 7 days before "Idul Fitri" and seven days after "Idul Fitri" you can imagine how long it is...I think maybe like Christmas and new year at United States.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shopping Cart Software

Are you familiar with shopping cart software ? For the first time I am not understand about this , I think it is very difficult things and I always asked my friend about this.And my friend just like me too...but both of us know it is very important because we want make our business online.
So we start to search a lot of this things and found it , it is Ashop commerce which provides a turn-key ecommerce solution with it's revolutionary online store building software.
This site allow us as a merchant to build an online store capable of competing with the webs most powerful sites for a simple. And I see it have low monthly fee.
So Ashop Commerce with ecommerce software providing us the most up to date and relevant advice for us to start or advance our online business.It has 10 days free trial and a lot of demo, so I think it is not difficult anymore and we have found it very easy with a low fee too.

Moon Cake

This morning when I went to market , I saw a lot of moon cake at there. Yeah..it must be Chinese lunar year 15 th August , so I bought 1 box too. It is Chinese traditional rules that every year in this day , all people buy this moon cake and pray.
I like the cake very much, it taste good and very sweet .

Voodoo Tiki Tequila

Today my old friend phoned me and invited me to her house for dinner. I went there with my sister .The dinner was great...and she asked me to try Voodoo Tiki Tequila , she said it is one of the newest and most interesting super-premium brands of tequila.Yeah....she has a good taste and we enjoyed it very much.
My sister told me that we should prepare this kind of drink too in our house , I think it is a good idea too. But I think I would like to buy Voodoo TikiGreen DragonLime Infused Tequila,because I like the taste with a fresh lime and my sister like it too.
Brought to you by http://www.voodootiki.com/

Monday, September 24, 2007

Health News

I have news that my friends send to me and I think I will post it in this blog because I is very important for our healthy.It is Cancer Update from Johns Hopkins:
This information is being circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as well.. Please circulate to all you know Cancer update John Hopkins -- Cancer News from John Hopkins
No plastic containers in microwave
No water bottles in freezer
No plastic wrap in microwave
A dioxin chemical causes cancer, especially breast cancer.
Dioxins are highly poisonous to the cells of our bodies . Don't freeze your plastic bottles with water in them as this releases dioxins from the plastic
Recently,... Edward Fujimoto, Wellness Program Manager at Castle Hospital, was on a TV program to explain this health hazard. He talked about dioxins and how bad they are for us.
He said that we should not be heating our food in the microwave using plastic containers...
This especially applies to foods that contain fat.
He said that the combination of fat, high heat, and plastics releases dioxin into the food and ultimately into the cells of the body... Instead, he recommends using glass, such as Corning Ware, Pyrex or ceramic containers for heating food...
You get the same results, only without the dioxin. So such things as TV dinners, instant ramen and soups, etc., should be removed from the container and heated in something else. Paper isn't bad but you don't know what is in the paper. It's just safer to use tempered glass, Corning Ware, etc.
He reminded us that a while ago some of the fast food restaurants moved away from the foam containers to paper. The dioxin problem is one of the reasons... Also, he pointed out that plastic wrap, such as Saran, is just as dangerous when placed over foods to be cooked in the microwave. As the food is nuked, the high heat causes poisonous toxins to actually melt out of the plastic wrap and drip into the food.
Cover food with a paper towel instead.


Botox...I heard this name for several times , sometimes in tv beauty advertising, others in magazine, but actually I don't know exactly what botox is it?
Today I saw it again in yahoo home pages and this time I search it more deeply what it is.
I found it that Botox is the brand name of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, In large amounts, this toxin can cause botulism (Botulism is a rare but serious illness that causes paralysis of muscles), which you probably associate with food poisoning. (Food poisoning is a common, yet distressing and sometimes life-threatening problem for millions of people )...yeah stress again...
Despite the fact that one of the most serious complications of botulism is paralysis, scientists have discovered a way to use it to human advantage. Small, diluted amounts can be directly injected into specific muscles causing controlled weakening of the muscles.
The FDA approved such usage in the late 1980s upon the discovery that Botox could stop ailments like blepharospasm (uncontrolled blinking) and strabismus (lazy eye). Cosmetic physicians have been using Botox for years to successfully treat wrinkles and facial creases. In April 2002, Botox gained FDA approval for treatment of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows - called glabellar lines.
However, Botox is often used for other areas of the face as well. In this site I also read that how does botox works...
It is..... Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften.
It is most often used on forehead lines, crow's feet (lines around the eye) and frown lines. Wrinkles caused by sun damage and gravity will not respond to Botox.
I think it is enough for me to know what botox is it...but if we have a healthy life, eat healthy food and can make our life balance , so we can prevent our wrinkle too...maybe..

Sunday, September 23, 2007


It had been weeks a saw I saw the conflicts at Myanmar, it is very sad to see a lot of people die.I never go to Myanmar.Actually I have a plan to visit there if I had a trip to Thailand, I saw Angkor Wat is very beautiful and it is a nice place for Buddhists.
But I think I would prefer not to go there because of this conflict and I hope things will be alright again.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Directory Submission

Every day I always check my pagerank ...because in my mind...may be today my pagerank will raise.But the results is make me disappointed because no change ha..ha.. Sometimes I feel tired how to increase it. I know the mainly reason to make our pagerank raise is to get a lot of traffic to our blog.I visit exchange link forum too to see whether some one like to exchange link with me....yeah I do have exchange link with others blogger,write a few words to others blog that I read and make a few directory submission for my blog. And visited every forum that discussed about ranking and traffic.
And I saw a great directory submission site today. After I read it ,It was very interesting for me because we can get our site submitted in 500 directories only for $ 99,95 and get 100's back links for our website. It is very nice you know...imagine it 500 directories...it is very much ....if I wish to do it myself, I will have to invest a lot of time and effort, which it means that I can not doing another things or I loose a lot of my time.
This Submit2please.com will manually submit our website to more than 500 online search engine friendly directories.And we can get two benefit from it ,the first one is additional targeted traffic from these directories ....it is great and the second is ...quality one way links which improves your site ranking in search engines.Yeah one way links is very important for us ...I have read a lot of news ..they all said like that but I have difficult to find which site can give me one way links.
We just simply provide them all the details and they will submit our website in all the directories and they will provide us a detailed report highlighting the list of directories where our site has been submitted. I think it is quite much things they done for me ..it is really nice.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Visit To Anglian Style House

Last week my friend Bety invited me to her new house. So I went there, for the first time I enter her house , the style of her house is very nice , it looked like Victorian Conservatory style its angled roof, ornate cresting and finial .It also have beautiful windows.
The design is great , and while we drink tea I asked Bety whose one did her house and the others. She was very excited to told me that it is Anglian Home improvements product with ten years guarantee.
I was very surprised to hear about it , I never had guarantee for my house or kitchen set. But she has.She told me this company have more than thirty six years experience and Anglian has been renowned amongst UK homeowners as the place to go for high quality Home improvements . Oh...it really nice , if next time I want to make renovation I must be remember this Anglian product with the guarantee.

Diet With Oatmeal

I have been two weeks try to diet by eat oatmeal two times a day. And it looked like I have a little success , I loose my weight for 2 pounds. I think it is great ha..ha..
But for the first time, I felt not so good to eat , so I try to make a little change for my menu , I cooked vegetables like usually I eat with rice,but this time I ate vegetables with oatmeal and sometimes with fried fish too. May be it is not uncommon but my taste about oatmeal with vegetables more nice.
I don't know how about you....but you can have a try and may be it works for you too.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Good Audio Visual

I and my family loves music very much. From our car to our home there are a lot of
Audio Visual Equipment & Installations that he did. Truly, I don't know a lot of this things but I do love music and for me a good Audio Visual Equipment & Installations would make the music sound very good to hear....and it really very enjoyable.After working hard for a day ,it is very perfect to relax and you know , the best things to make us feel good is to hear music or watch a movie. I like watch movie too, but some times we don't have a lot of time to go out for movie.So my sister once again said we can watch video at home with our good audio visual sound and the effects is really like we see it at movie...yeah like a home movie if I don't wrong to say.
And for our business this things make a good opportunity for presentation...you know if our clients come to our place and when they heard the sounds of our presentation ,it is more convince for them to buy our product too.
Do you agree of our experience on audio visual ? I think most of all would said like us if they have already make their Audio Visual Equipment & Installations .If you doubt of what I am talking about you can try it too...

This post bring to you by http://www.reflex.co.uk/


I have friends come from China,they all comes to visit me.So yesterday I took them go to Bandung and have rest for a night in a hotel,today I asked them go to shopping,buyying things that are new for them ..like Indonesian special things ,after that I took them to the the largest zoo in my place ..its called Safari.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

MyspaceShield Site

Almost every night I looked at the computer. For me it is become my daily activities ...searching others blog,earning a little money from my work at home job.
And while searching I found MyspaceShield ,this site is great because we can monitor the online myspace and chat activity of our spouse and child.ha..ha..
I think it is very useful for us especially if you have a kid , because for the first reason you can know your child chatting activities. I am very agree be monitoring child because I am afraid nowadays kids would receives unwanted sexual solicitations online.So it is very helpful for us ,and to buy the product..it is only $ 19.95. You can buy it too if interested.

This is press release news.

New Software Release Offers Peace of Mind for Parents, Spouses

In today’s world of wireless technology, web cams, and the ever-growing phenomenon of MySpace and other online profile sites, the issue of internet security is quickly becoming a persistent worry in the minds of many parents.

(PRWEB) September 12, 2007 --In today’s world of wireless technology, web cams, and the ever-growing phenomenon of MySpace and other online profile sites, the issue of internet security is quickly becoming a persistent worry in the minds of many parents.

In fact, according to a 2005 report issued by Pew-Internet and American Life, 79-percent of teenagers admit they are not careful enough when it comes to revealing personal information to complete strangers over the internet, leaving them vulnerable to the advances of child predators.

Recently released software, MySpaceShield, utilizes technology to discreetly monitor all MySpace activities as well as various instant messaging programs including AOL, Yahoo, and MSN. “This program will automatically track and report all MySpace activity through your home computer,” said David Kayo, Vice President of Business Development of MySpaceShield.

Kayo said MySpaceShield is designed with safety in mind. “We’ve all seen the news stories about inappropriate internet contact between innocent children and the adults who prey on them,” said Kayo. “We wanted to provide a solution that will help prevent these tragedies,” he said.

In addition to its popularity and usefulness among parents, spouses too are taking advantage of the ability to monitor online messaging and MySpace activities with MySpaceShield. “If you suspect that your spouse is engaging in questionable behavior through MySpace or other chatting programs, MySpaceShield will give you the answers you’re looking for.”

Delivered by email, MySpaceShield installs quickly and is easy to use, even for computer beginners. “This software was designed to be up and running in just a few minutes even for those who aren’t tech-savvy,” said Kayo.

For more information about MySpaceShield, or to purchase the software for $19.95, please visit www.myspaceshield.com

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Good Author

I love blogging since one years ago, but for the first time it is not easy. I don't know how to write a good topic and the most difficult time for me is , who wants to read my writing. So my friends said to me ...go..try...if you are not try now ...you wouldn't know the fact. So I was thinking for a few night and lastly I tried to write my blog.
Personally now in my mind I have a dream too...ha..ha..my dream is Can I be an Author too ?"
I wish one day I can be a good author and sure I will have a lot earning from my skill. And today my dreams almost comes true...because I found a good website.
It is a tele seminar ,which is a good lesson from John Kremer for us , and also we can get a free seminar to hear it first.
You should try too...and imagine the benefit you get from it.


Do you love eat oatmeal ? I was told by my friend ,it is very good for us to eat because it contain a lot of fiber . The main purpose of eating oatmeal is can protect us from heart attack and it believes too can reduce high cholesterol from our body .
My mother eat oatmeal every morning as breakfast,sometimes she eat porridge too. I seldom eat oatmeal because it makes me feel like eat porridge which I don't like ha..ha..


Wow. A good day for me to cooking.I buy a fat chicken today.What should be I cook this time ? Is it Chicken rice, Chicken soup,or what ...I asked my family he..he.. , they likes fried chicken.
For me personally I like chicken soup...hmmm...diffrerent taste sometimes make me fell a little confuse.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Home Improvement

I cleaned my house today , it is a heavy day...but I am happy. I have to clean my window, door and kitchen once in a week so it looks more Double glazing for every body. Yeah...I like my home good to see by everybody and the most attention to do is my kitchen.
I see Anglian home improvements have a good taste and have thirty six years experience. I like it very much, I saw the kitchen designs are very professional ,strong and it have 5 years guarantee ...it is great...you know...my kitchen have no guarantee and after 2 years there have a lots of part need to fix.

Back links

When I open my email and found newsletter from SitePro News,it is interesting topic...
" Backlinks - How To Get High Quality One Way Links To Your Websites "
I read and read again, it is so much things to do....and sometimes it makes me a little confused. Because I think I have done a lot of things that they suggested but the result still ....I don't know...I hope it will make me happy,but I will blog what I want....what I like and no linking with others....and I am happy. And linking others when I want it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Private Intelligence Assistant

Today I am very busy , there are a lots of works that I must do. And it makes me a little mad ...you know I don't know which one job must I done first...yeah my schedule work are off...and it caused me felt like a bomb that would explode any time ha..ha..ha..
But tonight when I open my friend's blog I found a topic that would be a good solution for me. Yeah...it is like a private assistant for us like told us what I must to do first, what and when the time for me to do my job...I know if I used this , my schedule would be very tidy and all things go to very smooth.
This chatterbots can have a conversations with us by chatting because it using artificial intelligence technology, speech recognition technology, and real-time animation. It is really nice if we have a cute animation be our secretary.
So why should we waiting anymore because we can download a FREE trial version of Ultra Hal Assistant now.