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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Planning For Holiday

Talking about Moslem's new year " Idul Fitri " I just remember one big thing. Yeah it is big holiday....holiday for at least four teen days...very long. ha..ha..ha...Actually for me as a work at home woman, every day I can be like holiday ....but for my whole family, this is really holiday for us , because at these days business are not running and all person are on their holiday.Some people like go to mountain area, some like go to fishing and others like go to other place...like me and my family.
If we don't have a long holiday , we can not go far away from our country. But in this time I think I will go to place that we have never been go before....but I must discuss it first with my family. If they agree so others planning for flights and hotel are my job to find it...yeah like Hotel Reservations is my favorite job you know.
This Hotel Reservations.com usually offers a lot of discount, today I search again and looked we can save up 70 % off. It is a lot money for me because we want to have a long holiday, and this site offer us a lot of hotel , motel , resorts and vacation rental. It is important for us to get vacation rental because we have a lot of people go together, so must need a car or something like that.

We can book our flight too + hotel + car so at one place ,it is safe my time very much and I do not need to phone others travel for car or hotel anymore.And I saw there have vacation package too....I think this time I like traveling with cruise.... If you are interested you can make a call toll free to make your Reservation 1-800-447-4136 (in US & Canada) (they are open 24 hours- 7 days week ) or in Europe:00-800-1276-3549 (Valid in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia) Worldwide phone no:(1) 817-333-5105

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