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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ways To Get Lots of Followers

Long time no posting , today , I have a little time , and I think I should log in my blogger account to make a post . In this few weeks , I am realize that blog , facebook , instagram and lots of social sites like these , needs followers . More followers means more goods to our page.
The question is how to get it ? I dont want a cheat way like a hack or something like that . I want really followers.. so I start to search on google , trying to get informations about this.
After reading lots of post about followers . I think the ways to get lots of followers is same as the I knew before. no cheat , try to make a good post. always posting and active in doing post and make a good tag on the topic we are discussed.    

Friday, June 6, 2014

Opal Stone Bracelets

This is an opal stone bracelets . It is available at my online store , what I want to blog in here is not try to sell it . but I like to share my opinion on it . I see this bracelets very simple . but when I look it more closely , it is very beautiful design. And when I try to wear , it look  very sweet. It is very match with my skin.
But I dont know about others thinking , and few of my customers also said , great with this one . how about you ? 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Golden Buddha

This is Golden Buddha Temple ( Wat Traimit ). located at Bangkok . Chinatown . Last week I visit there again and took a picture of it. Actually  this is the new building , few years ago , this new building still not have.
Inside have a very big Buddha statue which is made of real gold . It is very big and amazing. I hope that I can always visit this place every times I go there.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Post at 2014

It's quite long time ago . I am not blogging. Actually I try to make a post on my android phone , but there always a problem when I try to upload a picture. It is error and the picture not come out .
Since now that android phone is very easy to use for my online needs . so it can be said almost every day I use it. and seldom open my laptop.
Today I log in again this blogger acount using laptop. and I make a new post for 2014. This is my first post since last time :)