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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How To Make Green Beans Soup With Brown Sugar

Tonight I log in again my blogger account and try to make a post . I think it is more fun and nice to write a post on my blog than watch the TV. hehehe , but now I have no idea what to write.
I think it will begin from my planning for tomorrow , because I work at home online it makes me more have time to do home job like cooking. I love cooking but just simple cooking. I want to make sweet green beans soup with brown sugar.
My recipe is Chinese traditional from grand mom to my mom and it belongs to me.hahaha.. It is very simple cooking , just put the green beans in a pan , add it with water and boil it . Use medium fire to cook about 20 minutes to 30 minutes .For better taste put few slices ginger in it. After about 30 minutes , add the brown sugar and white sugar in it.. taste it sweet or not . and the green beans is ready to serve. For some people they like to add little salt in the soup.. just little . do not need much , so the taste more nice.   

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Peachsuite Hotel Supply

Yesterday my nephew married , the party was held on Four Season Hotel. For what I like to share is the wedding party was success and very nice. The hotel is very good , beautiful and great. The room inside is very good design too . with lots of compliments inside. For my first attention , I see there are a big nice box with lots of tea , coffee , sugar inside. The coffee maker is good one , with lots of beautiful glasses inside. I like to drink tea , thats why this is the first part that I like to blog. The second one is the bed , it is very nice and big one , with great cushion. I think this hotel must have the best supplier for hotel needs. Talking about this one , I have search one nice site .This site have lots of great things for good hotels. The things is all complete for hotel needs , but not as hotel only , the resorts one , restaurants needs , all is very complete. I think it is very nice to share good things to all people and friends . And the good one is , we can do it at home with  Hotel supply online. We can see lots of things with complete descriptions. I have search it and it is available too for Atlanta Hotel Supply. When I told my friend and asked she to look it , she said to me , that very interested to see the furniture of Hotel Bar Supplies. Yea , I can understand because she is very interesting on hotel bar needs ,thats why she likes it very much.


This is a rainbow which I took it very months ago at my apartment at one evening. I still remember it very clearly . that time sun set is coming and just have rain , after the rain over , i went to terrace and saw this beautiful rainbow.
Quickly I ran to my room and took my camera and this is the results. I think it is very amazing view. Very seldom to see this view.    

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Benefit of Red Ginger

Just finished my lunch , and it is a nice time for me to have a tea. Usually I like to drink green tea , but today I will try to make ginger tea. Do you know red ginger tea ?
It is quite a nice spicy tea with brown sugar in it.
It can makes our body feel warm feeling , but today I am not to blog about just warm only . I search on google and found a lot of benefit of this ginger.
It said they ginger have a good benefit for our kidney function ,  provide protection from toxin mediated kidney damage as can occur with chemotherapy or alcohol-induced damage.
For I know at my country . red ginger tea is good people who have problems on rheumatic , flatulence , uric acids and tiredness, blood circulations.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Mushroom Steam Rice

This is one of my favorite food too... it have shitake mushroom with small dried fish and chilly in it. Very easy on cooking , but may be for some person , they do not like it hehehe.  I like each Asian food because I am Asian people . but western food.  I also like it too.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Benefit of Honey

Do you know honey ? it is a natural  sweetener that enhances the flavor, texture and preservability of foods. Lot of us like it very much. It is very good for our health. Honey provides modest amounts of antioxidants, which can support strong immune function.
It is also  a popular home remedy for improved lung health and reduced symptoms of bronchial conditions, like  colds and asthma.
For my grandma recipe . she always asking us to drink honey when we feel fever or have sore throat.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Noodles Vegetables Soup With Scallops .

Today morning I wake up and as usual and try to make my breakfast. Suddenly I want to make noodles soup. After finished cook. I try to get a picture on it.  This is also the first picture I take from my own cooking. hehehe.. Usually I always take picture from magazine or food recipe site to blogging.
But I think. sometimes. It is great too. if I take a picture of mine and post it. It is a nice soup , with noodles. vegetables. egg and  scallops in it.  For the scallops I bought dried one , and if wants to use it. can take from refrigerator. It is very sweet and no need to add meat anymore. You can try it. It needs about 10 minutes to serve this soup.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

Chinese Oolong Tea

This afternoon . I am logging my blogger account ... I feel wants to blogging but now I feel sleepy because just took my lunch half hour ago . I think . what I need now . is a cup of hot tea . to makes me still awake.
Talking about tea.. my favorite drink , seems never boring I blog about it.. Chinese Oolong Tea . is very nice , it have half fermentation.. If you never drink it . please have a try.. and I think you will like it , if you are a favorite drinking Chinese tea.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Singapore Chinese New Year Lantern

Last month  I was at  Singapore , this is the picture I took at chinatown . they are preparing to light up the city due to chinese new year. And as usually it is located at the centre of the china town.
When it is night. the light of lantern all is on. and it looks very beautiful. You should go there to see if you are having vacation in that country.