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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Noodles Vegetables Soup With Scallops .

Today morning I wake up and as usual and try to make my breakfast. Suddenly I want to make noodles soup. After finished cook. I try to get a picture on it.  This is also the first picture I take from my own cooking. hehehe.. Usually I always take picture from magazine or food recipe site to blogging.
But I think. sometimes. It is great too. if I take a picture of mine and post it. It is a nice soup , with noodles. vegetables. egg and  scallops in it.  For the scallops I bought dried one , and if wants to use it. can take from refrigerator. It is very sweet and no need to add meat anymore. You can try it. It needs about 10 minutes to serve this soup.  

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