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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Peak

Jakarta is very quite now , because a lot of people are going to another place. Yeah..it is a new year celebration. For me ...now I am preparing my self too. I want go to the peak at this afternoon. Actually I am not planning to go any where , but my mother and sister asked me to go with them. And I think it is nice too , I like the fresh air at there he..he..but at the last several minutes of the year end , there will have a lot of fire crackers at every place . So at that time the polution are bad.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas is..today ..yeah 25 Th of December. Today when I woke up , I saw messages and email came and wish me merry Christmas. I smile and realize..Christmas , even I am not a Christian but I am always happy with this day. I am glad to see all people celebrating Christmas and it means spirit of Christmas are at every where. Merry Christmas every body...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Los Angeles Criminal and DUI Defense Attorneys

When I saw this Los Angeles Criminal and DUI Defense Attorneys website , I think it is really a great site. Cause when we are facing criminal charges, we need a great lawyer with good experience. They are available to take our case quickly and confidently. And they will investigate our case, get the best possible result on or out of court.
This criminal defense attorneys at Kestenbaum Eisner & Gorin LLP understand that being arrested or charged with a crime is frightening experience. Their law firm’s mission is to aggressively and tenaciously defend their clients, even before the case reaches the courtroom.
I saw that this L.A. Criminal Defense Lawyers have Over 50 years experience in Southern California Courtrooms and they has been selected year after year as a top 5% U.S. "Preeminent" Criminal Defense Firm on the Martindale-Hubbell® Bar Register.
Honestly it is a great record with a very nice experience and I think this site can be our best choice if we are facing with criminal charges.
I ever saw a far family of my friend who had this charges a few years ago, but he ended with a sad story cause they can not found a good lawyer for him. So it is important for us to know which lawyer is great for criminal cases and by knowing them with well and their experience too.

Christmas Season

Christmas is coming..all the season greeting can be found easily at this time especially at shopping mal. I remember last year I went to Singapore..it is quite nice the season greetings at there. But this year , I will not going any where , staying in my city and I think Jakarta is quite nice for shopping and living too.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Friday

I saw on the Yahoo news that black Friday had arrived and a lot of people went to buy things . Sometimes I think it is quite excited too. Things sale in cheap price..but at this time I read that there had been accident because of this black Friday. So terrible...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Great Backpack

I like travelling , if I can..I wish I can go to travel every time ha..ha..And today I see a nice 5.11 Tactical Backpack. I see it is very nice and it is suit for me when I am traveling.
I see that it has sized for a three day excursion, and designed by special operations combat veteran, Kyle Lamb of VTAC (cool..I think a lot of man will like it too ), with two large compartments and a compression strap system that allows expandability depending upon how much gear we carry.
The front section of the pack includes an organizer panel with two zippered mesh compartments, a large zippered pocket, a key fob and radio/magazine pockets with hook and loop straps.
And if we look at the main compartment, it has three mesh zippered pockets and a separate large cinch pocket. There are two full length side pockets that can handle a variety of different items including large water bottles...that's why I said it if suit for a traveller.
And if we see at the top of the backpacks has a separate fleece lined eyeglass pocket and a smaller external zippered gear pocket.
One thing that I am so interested is this 5.11 Tactical also included a reinforced hydration pocket that allows you to add a hydration bladder for immediate access to water.Yeah..the more I saw..the more it like army equipment ,right ? ha..ha..It is because this backpackers has joined forces with Special Operations Combat Veteran (RET) Kyle E. Lamb. He served his country for 21 years, 17 of which were with the most elite elements of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.
For the $ 149.90 we can buy this Tactical Rush 72 Bag and free Water Bottle and Pouch.So it is quite cheap too for a lot of function. If you are interested too , you can visit their site and buy it online. We can submit by sign up for email updates. By enter our email ,they can send us offers and coupon specials.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Younger Today

Talking about younger...all women like it. If any people don't like it ..I think it must be not normal ha..ha...I always talking for the general one..so if any of you don't like it...sorry...
And today I saw a beauty sharing on Yahoo...I read it and I post it in my blog too :

Want to look younger? Try a few of these skin-saving solutions:

-- Uncover glowing skin: After washing your face for a full 30 to 60 seconds -- the time it takes cleansing agents to loosen dirt, oil and makeup -- gently apply a microdermabrasion cream (Estee Lauder Idealist Micro-D is one I like). It works like a peel to slough off surface cells and reveal newer, younger-looking skin beneath. Or try this at-home tip: Soak a washcloth in whole milk and drape it over your face. The fat in the milk soothes skin while its lactic acid gently exfoliates.

-- Get even: Blotchy pigmentation can tack on up to 12 years to your perceived age, according to a study in Evolution and Human Behavior. Roll back the years with tinted moisturizer, which hides imperfections but still appears natural (so you look like you, not some fake Claymation version). Apply your regular moisturizer first so the tint won't seep into dry spots, resulting in splotches.

-- Cover spots: To hide imperfections, choose a thick stick concealer one shade lighter than your foundation. For a natural effect, dab it on with a makeup brush, then top it with a light dusting of translucent powder to keep it in place.

-- Freshen up your fragrance: Choosing the right scent could take years off your face, reports the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. In a study, men guessed women's ages while smelling three scents and judged women to be nearly six years younger when wearing a perfume with notes of pink grapefruit.

Want more skin-saving, get-glowing ideas? Check out the Beyond the Beauty Pages blog written by the beauty editors of SELF on Self.com, or sign up for the weekly Quick Beauty Tip newsletter

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wikipedia Site

I always like to searching and blogging. There is a site that help me a lot to know a lot of things in this world. It is wikipedia site. I was told by my friend about this site one year ago. She said if we do not understand or not known it clearly , we can find a complete information from this wikipedia website. I follow her word and I found a great knowledge by seeing this site.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Live Today

Yesterday my friend sent me a few wise words. I think..it is quite nice and true. So I put it in this blog too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have a good news for health. It is about corn. I like to eat corn..so I think it is nice for me to add it in my blog too.
Corn is not just another carbohydrate. Even though it's a grain, it provides the benefits of a vegetable: Not only is it a good source of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous, but it's also rich in disease-fighting antioxidants. Recent studies by Rui Hai Liu, a food scientist at Cornell University, have shown that corn contains more antioxidants than wheat, oats or rice, and that the antioxidants in corn can survive longer in the digestive system than those of some fruits and vegetables, potentially offering greater protection against some cancers. Liu's research has also revealed that cooking corn for 25 minutes can increase its antioxidant powers by almost 50 percent.—Carla Ranicki

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am very excited to see a custom t shirts site. Because it looks very nice and cute , we can print full color on any T shirt and there is no minimum purchase. It is fine too if we just only want one T shirt with special picture on it , they can make it for us.
And now this SonicShack.com is giving away 10,000 cash at the end of September. All you need to do is go to SonicShack.com and click the button win 10k banner.

My Blog

I have been a long time didn't update this blog. For the first reason..I am busy but..for the real reason..I am disappointed because my PageRank can't raise on this blog. I don't know why..may be I have been banned by Google..

Monday, July 21, 2008


I love music , when my feeling's bad, i always hear music and the results is I feel very relax , nice and all my bad feelings gone away. But there are a lot kind of music and what I like is the old one..or I always call it memorabilia one.
My friend know I like it very much and she told me that she found a great Collectibles and Memorabilia site. when i open it I read a great Music Memorabilia Buying Guide for me , actually it is a buying guide , like How to know if our Elton John sunglasses are the real thing? We can have a consultation for their buying guide for valuable tips. Nice , I like it very much.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Internet Conection

In these days , I almost do not open my computer. It is because I have move and at my new place the connection is very bad. I have to use dial up connection and the speed is very low. You can't believe it, I have spent 15 minutes just open one yahoo email. It make me so up set and at last I close my computer without searching anything...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Zenni Optical

Today I see a great zennioptical.com website , for me it is very nice because I am looking for a new glasses for me. My old one is not fashion again..ha..ha..ha.. I see at Zenni...there are a lot of models and the price make me do no think twice to buy it. I like the black one with square glasses and when I told my sister ...she wants it too. The nice one is we can buy it online...

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Next week I will move ....yeah..my feeling is bad. I have a lot of job to do...actually I feel sad too being move....but at the new place..it is much better for me. So...lets do it...life is always change...I hope I always have a wonderful life...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hand Bag

I saw a nice hand bag at Ebay. It is not too expensive , but I don't know what is exactly the ending price , because it is still in auction. In my first time , I don't know how much should the ideal price to bid. And I don't know too ,how much usually this bag cost ?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sports Online

Last week I and my friend went to a clinic. I have told by my other friends to have a body check up. And after a day I received the result, not good. I have a high cholesterol, so is my friend...the doctor asked us to have exercise as much as we can.
Today when I am searching on the Internet, I see an exciting shopping online. I see there have a lot of sport things. I think I am going to buy a volley ball , I have a long time didn't play it. So it is great if I play it again with my family. When I told my friend about this news , she is agree too. And she said she wants a basket ball too...I know she like basket ball very much and she will try to play it again with her friends.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Typhoon Fengshen at Philippines

Tonight I saw again a sad news. It is a typhoon against at Philippines. I saw it on Yahoo news. It is the news that I have copy from it :
" Residents wade through a flooded street in Manila following heavy rains brought about by typhoon Fengshen on Sunday June 22, 2008 in Manila. Typhoon Fengshen lashed across the Philippines for a second day Sunday, killing at least 80 people as it submerged entire communities and capsized a passenger ferry carrying more than 800 passengers and crew "
I hope all are on fine condition.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Indonesian " Sate "

For Indonesian people this " sate " is very popular. Almost at every restaurant they have this sate. Actually it is pieces of meats cuts in a same style and put it together in a bamboo stick. And then they grill it.

But before they grill and put it on a stick , the meats have been add salt,pepper and others things like that. I don't know much because I never cooked it...but I have the recipes too if you want it .

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fresh Fruit

When I see a new recipe on my city magazine , I think it is nice too to make this recipe. And it is very simple ( like I want ). I just only look at my refrigerator and see what fruit in it. For the the sweet soup I just put a little lemon water and sugar in it. Cut all the fruit and put it at a big bowl , add the sweet soup and put it in the refrigerator. After one hour at the evening time , it is perfect for me to taste it with my family.

Friday, May 30, 2008

My Travel This time

My sister like sports very much. She like doing sports watch it too. For me I like swimming but to watch the sports only a few items that seems interest for me only. But we have the same hobby that both of us like to travel. So almost every year we have travel together. This time my sister tell me about Worldwide Sports Travel .
She is very interesting with this one , I promised her to see this program first and then we make our point. After I have time, I try to search and ask my friends and then I think this is a good site and we should try it too. Because I see this they offer an extensive and exciting range of CORPORATE HOSPITALITY events year round, in the UK and overseas. And they have the finest facilities, banqueting and tailored packages or simply accessing our Worldwide Ticket and Hotel services. I told my sister that this time we can enjoy her hobby about watching sports and travel together.She is agree.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I have a long time not to update my blog. It is because I am busy and when I have time , I help my cousin to make a blog. And then my blog didn't update for a long time.ha..ha..but I am happy because I can help them.
I hope their blogs can have a Google PageRank..not like me ..always in nul...ha..ha..others blogs that I saw have update the PR but mine haven't or isn't ?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


A car is crushed amidst the rubble of a destroyed building after an earthquake in Dujiangyan City, 50km (31 miles) from Chengdu in Sichuan province May 13, 2008.
(Claro Cortes IV/Reuters)

This is the picture that I seen on Yahoo news about earth quake in Chengdu in China. God..I hope there are still a hope of people where have been trapped. I see a lot of pictures in this site. And it makes me feel not happy .

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Down Again

Today I see my Alexa ranking is down again...I don't know what happened with it. Last month it showed great with about seven hundred but today is one million again...huh...I have did what I must to do but the result is disappointment me.
And I see a lot of blogs have raised the PageRank but my blog is still at big 0 ...So what ? Okay today's is weekend...I don't to think about it. Lets have a cheers and spend a little money on the restaurant.After that have a sweet dream . Let it done with the natural one.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Tonight I saw a sad news on Yahoo home page , it said that " Cyclone kills at least 351 in Myanmar, state-run TV reports " It was reported that
" 27 minutes ago
YANGON, Myanmar - A powerful cyclone killed more than 350 people, destroyed thousands of homes and knocked out power in the country's largest city, state-run media said Sunday "
It is very terrible , and the electricity is down ...by the way I hope all ones are safe and no more accidents.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Mood

Sometimes I think I have a poor knowledge to share...yeah...I saw others blog is very nice and mine is poor. Or may be my mood is down so I don't know what to say and what to share. Yeah..may be I have no idea to blog..it is very terrible ,is it ?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Beef Steak

Tonight I and my friend go to a steak restaurant at our town. I try to eat combo set beef steak , yeah...this time is nice..good taste. I said this time ha..ha..because last time we went to a Thailand restaurant to eat beef steak but the taste is very different ...it is sour ...I don't know why...but the tom yam soup is great..so I made a decision next time ..I will go to that restaurant to eat their Thailand food.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sonography tech...for the first time I read..I have guess , it must have relation with sound ha..ha..ha..and yes.. sonography is use of sound waves to generate an image for assessment and diagnosis of various medical conditions in to areas of a patient's body.
Becoming a sonography technician , we have to enter sonography schools . We can have colleges or universities for formal training. And the terms is between two and four years programs. Most common are two year program and we may receive training in hospital, vocational or technical schools and in the armed forces. And I see the salary is great too...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Certified Nursing Assistants

In this weeks I saw a lot of health site. I take care a lot of health and for me health is very important for our life. And one thing I want to blog tonight is cna schools , cna is Certified Nursing Assistants.They are responsible for the more ordinary and basic care of patients , like feed, preparing food trays, bathing, grooming and dressing patients. When I was in hospital , the nurse every day help me to bathing and dressing and take food for me. They are very kind.What I know is that Certified Nursing Assistants most often work in nursing homes. Nursing home is a great job and the salary is nice too. To get this certificate , they will need cna training and cna courses.

Salmon Recipe

Tonight I saw on Yahoo recipe and I am very interesting with this recipe, it is "Pan-Seared Salmon with Fennel and Dill Salsa" I like to eat salmon..so I think I will try this recipe. And I will copy the recipe in my blog too..so we can saw it..

Ingredients :
1 large tomato, chopped
1 cup finely chopped fennel
2 tablespoons minced red onion
2 tablespoons minced dill
1 tablespoon red-wine vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt, divided
1 pound salmon fillet, skinned (see Tip)
Freshly ground pepper
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

Cooking direction :
1. Combine tomato, fennel, onion, dill, vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon salt in a medium bowl.
2. Cut salmon into 4 equal portions, sprinkle with the remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt and pepper. Heat oil in a large nonstick pan over high heat until shimmering but not smoking. Cook the salmon, skinned-side up, until golden brown, 3 to 5 minutes. Turn the salmon over and remove the pan from the heat. Allow the salmon to finish cooking off the heat until just cooked through, 3 to 5 minutes more.

Serve immediately with the salsa.

Yield: 4 servings

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pharmacy Technician

After have read about half hour , I think it is not so simple to become a pharmacy technician , they have a great job ...they must receive prescription requests/refills from patients , verifying the accuracy of the information and pharmacy tech have to prepare the prescription like counting pills , weighing , measuring or mixing the medication. After that they will price and file it but it must checked by an accredited physician before give it to the patient. Yeah..it is very important job..and they are still a lot of great job for them to do.
But I think the pharmacy technician salary is wonderful too..I read the salary rage is at $ 10.70 in 2002 but it is all depending on their work environment, these wages vary.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

X-Ray Technician

I think become a xray technician is a wonderful job. I have this thinking after I read a nice x ray technician site in this evening. X-ray technician also known as radiologic technicians or radiographers which are responsible for conducting imaging procedures specified by a patient's physician.
That's why I said it is a great job.. my friend who stay in United States ever told me about this and she said she wants to be a x ray technicians too. I hope she can get this job.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Funny Bed

I have a funny design that is very cute. I got it from my friend. She is so nice..always send me a fresh picture and important news. Yeah..friendship is always wonderful. I am very lucky that have a lot of nice friends around me.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Nowadays I saw a lot of people have socialites life in a modern way. If we want to have a conference meeting , we do not need to attend the place..like usually peoples did ..we only need a web conference to solve this problem. It is so nice , so amazing , we can save a lot of time and cost . I still remembered how my uncle must go to abroad just to have a business conversation with his partner.
And now I saw RHUB is very great for people who like to have this activity . RHUB is a premier provider of on-premise web conferencing appliances that meet the needs of any organization and it is delivered to us ready to go. What we must do is install it in our network and we can start have an unlimited web conferences...it is amazing ..right ? And we do not need IT support because this RHUB appliance is updated automatically and it is full security protection.
The others thing that is interesting for me is this RHUB have 100% attendance, it means that we do need download of any kind.
I ever heard that some of the people have failed on their web conference because not installing the software programs or wrong/ missing java virtual machine . I have seen their trial..it is really nice...and very easy.
And this RHUB have 4 in 1 outstanding value ..it is means that RHUB Appliance bundles four applications (implemented as four meeting types in TurboMeeting) in one delivery like , web conferencing ,remote support PC and MAC , remote access to my computer and web seminar. So we can can assign to each of our users any combination of the above meeting types to comply with our organization security policy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday I went to my sister's house, I saw she bought a laptop..it is Acer..actually it is nice too..not to expensive and have a web cam too..but I think it is too slowly to run internet...I don't know why..may be the internet connection function...
I don't understand with the internet connections too..sometimes it is very slowly..so I told her it is better to have a high speed internet connection..is she like to browse the internet.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Modern Furniture

Wow..do you see this picture ? I like it very much. I hope I can have this MODERN FURNITURE in my house. I always had a wish if one day I can fill all modern furniture in my house . This picture I found when I have searching on modern furniture and for the first time this bed is caught my attention.
Actually there are still a lot of great furniture , like living room furniture , home furnishing , office furniture , European dining...I think my sister will like this dining set. Because last week when we met together she said to me that she will going to change her dining table..and I agree with her , because it is too old and looks like not fashion anymore.


I see a nice shirt at shopping mal two days ago. I think I want to buy it but, what can I say, they not have my size, well maybe I'm to slim now. ha..ha..ha..After I diet and just eat quaker Oak every, day and night in a month. But now I go back to my daily meal again..just not to eat meat too much. I think it is OK eat a lot of vegetables.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Great Day

What a great day for me..today..because beside I receive a gift from my friend...I found a nice Buzzfuse.com tonight. This is a great site because it allowed me join for free , I can register my favorite original photo and then this amazing site can help me get traffic to my site...it is the most wonderful things I want...
Imagine it I need a lot of traffic to my blogs so that my earnings will raise too. If you have the same interest like me..I suggest you to try it too.


How nice today because I saw on a pretty gift was sent to me. Yeah..my friend give me a pretty shoes. she just came back from her travel. Actually I will buy a shoes too this weekend and my goodness , I have it now from my friends.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dental Plan

Smile...smiling face...all people like to hear it. If some one talk to me that I have a smiling face ,I will be very great. But of course we need a healthy teeth for it. Tooth is very important of our life, you can imagine it if some one without teeth , we must be said oh...she is very old because have no tooth anymore. How about if we are still young but have lost our tooth ?
So I see nowadays having a dental plans is a good thing to protect our teeth.
Discount dental plans is designed for all of us with the purpose save our money on our dental care needs.We can have discount fee if we join as a member but this is not insurance plan, it is discount programs.
For me it is a nice thing if we can get more cheaper with our dental care ,and all of my family will need it to keep our healthy smiling world..right ?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Head Ache

Head ache..I think a lot of people ever have this problem. Sometimes I have head ache too. But usually I go to bed and have a rest. If my head ache is not disapear I took a medicine. But today I looked on yahoo health news , and there is a topic discuss this problem :
Common Causes of Headaches
Something in your life is creating an adverse environment that causes a headache. For instance, most people are familiar with the occasional headache that comes from a cold, staying up too late, or drinking too much. Other common culprits include sinus problems, muscle tension, eyestrain, stress, jaw clenching, a virus, allergies, poor eating habits, and a muscle injury in the neck and back. Some women may experience headaches due to a hormonal imbalance.
The Food Factor
What we eat on a regular basis affects the energy flow in our body. Proper eating habits can help maintain a good flow of energy and blood to the head, preventing headaches. Eat frequent smaller meals and choose wholesome foods, with no preservatives, additives, or artificial compounds.
For headache relief, eat more:
whole grains, fiber-rich foods, green leafy vegetables, parsley, chrysanthemum flowers, mint, green tea, onions, ginger, pearl barley, carrots, prunes, buckwheat, peach kernels, and almonds.
Stay away from:
alcohol, chocolate, MSG, nitrates, sulfites, sugar, salt, caffeine, and oily, greasy, or fried foods. Consider that caffeine, because it affects your blood vessels, can provide instant relief from a migraine headache. But be cautioned that regular use will make you dependent, meaning when you don't have it, the withdrawal will give you a painful headache! Do not eat late at night, while on the run, or under stress. Spicy, stimulating foods, and heavy starchy foods should also be avoided
Remedies for ReliefHere are some remedies and suggestions to help you tame the pain:
• Make fresh carrot juice. Drink a glass of carrot juice every 4 hours until your headache subsides.
• Prepare a compress. Put 5 drops of lavender essential oil in 1 cup of warm water. Soak a towel in the water and then wring it dry. Place it on your forehead and/or upper neck as a compress during a headache.
• Try making this herbal tea: Boil 2 tablespoons each of chrysanthemum flowers, cassia seeds, and mint in 4 cups of water for 15 minutes. Drink 3 cups a day until the headache subsides. These herbs will help clear the sinuses and reduce head pressure. Other herbs that may prevent or temporarily relieve headaches include feverfew, peppermint, wintergreen, chamomile, and passionflower.
• Regularly stretch your neck and back muscles and pay attention to proper posture and ergonomic positioning during work and play to avoid tension headaches.
• Nip your headache in the bud before it starts with a gentle walk. Taking a walk in fresh air will help stimulate blood flow and increase the flow of oxygen to the head. So when you feel a headache coming on, step outdoors and go for a 10-minute walk, breathing deeply and vigorously.
• Headaches can typically be prevented by relaxation and stress-releasing techniques like meditation and tai chi. Practice these daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle, free from headaches. And please note that vigorous exercise during a headache episode is not recommended because it can worsen the condition.
I think this is a good lesson so I post it to this blog.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Indonesian Cuisine

Any of you have ever eat " soto ayam " ? If never..so try to eat this.

Soto ayam is a yellow spicy chicken soup with vermicelli, commonly found in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Turmeric is added as one of its ingredients to get yellow chicken broth. Besides chicken and vermicelli, it is also served with hard-boiled eggs, slices of fried potatoes, Chinese celery leaves, and fried shallots.

Sometimes, slices of lontong (it is compressed rice roll) are also added. Occasionally, people will add "koya", a powder of mixed fried garlic with prawn crackers or bitter sambal (orange colored). Krupuk are a very common topping.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My busy days

I have been a long time didn't post a blog. Having an new year activities ( Chinese ) for this news got me busy. And I have my family come from others country. In this holiday they traveling come to our home. My sisters asked me to guade them to see the city.ha..ha..ha.. like a city tour day and night live , and eat our Indonesian traditioanal food. I see they enjoy very much...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today I woke up late this morning, it was because I saw a lot of hot articles in the internet ha..ha..ha.. and when I want to sleep, it was 4.30 am and at my country this is the perfect time for people to wake up. Absolutely it is very crowd because the Islam people want to pray and my house is near to their pray's place.
And when the clocks show me 5.00 am , I think I can slept well..no..no..no..my neighbour's dogs start barking and oh....I felt grazy ha..ha..ha..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Online Casino

There are a lot of games at the internet..today I saw a different casino games , we can get $ / € 25 as a free bonus...it is interesting deals...This site show us as a internet casino gambling online , it reminds me to my friend's grand father ha..ha..he likes to play virtual casino very much . But I think it is good too for him because he feel boring alone at home and having a game always make him feel good.
For me I feel it is a fun of games and this site had a simple looking but great in the function and information.We can have a online support.

Brown Rice

Today I read an article " Whole grains: High in nutrition and fiber, yet low in fat" I think it is true, my mother always asked me to eat grains, but I prefer to eat some tasty and crispy foods ha..ha..ha..But I will try to eat grains for my daily meals because this grains are good sources of complex carbohydrates, various vitamins and minerals and are naturally low in fat.
But grains that haven't been refined — called whole grains — are even better for you. Whole grains are better sources of fiber and other important nutrients, such as selenium, potassium and magnesium. So yesterday I tried to cooked brown rice.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Business Loans

I saw a lot of news on TV or radio said that United States have a big turnado , a lot of people have no house because of this. It is so sad for them..losing homes and may be office for bushiness too.I hope they have enough money to repair this again or some thing like business loans can help them through this bad time.
I saw this business loans is very perfect for us because they have a great rate for us, a very quick approval and it is very secured with no document required.
So we can have $ 10k - $ 50K to obtain this unsecured loans for preparing our needs by having this business loans and they have a free consulting service if we don't get approved.


I just read a nice topic on Yahoo " Ugh, It's Another Valentine's Day and I'm Still Single"
ha..ha..it is an interesting post...and when I read it I have a feeling too...how it can be like that ? And I read step by step ...it is said :
1. Wallow, But Just a Little
It's important to acknowledge your real feelings, so give yourself permission to wallow a little bit.
2. Watch "Love Actually"
Send valentines to all the people you love in your life!
3. Go on a Trip
new trend for singles is to elude Valentine's Day by taking a short getaway
4. Re-energize Your Relationship Search
If you are feeling down at this time of year, channel your negative energy into something positive
5. Ask Someone Out
6. Cuddle Up to Something Warm and Fuzzy
7. Eat Some Dark Chocolate
8. Don't See the World as One Big Happy Couple
9. Remember This Is Just ONE Valentine's Day
I think it is a great tips today...and you can follow it too...

A great game

I saw on the TV said that United States is having a bad weather, like storm and tornado. It must be very unsafe if we are at outside when this happened. I think not at United States only, our Asian country is having a big wind too this few days.So my advice is stay at home and do what you like at home only..like me now..searching the internet because we are having a heavy rain.
And what I saw on this online casino site is really great. I saw we can play any of game in this site , it give us a lot of choice.
For me I don't know a lot of this game. I just know if we bet something we like and hopes that we win for our bid and then money comes ha..ha..So it gave us a lot of fun..but always keep in our mind that we must have a good control for our self. Just treat it as a funny game and the results with come nice. But if we don't have luck today...just try in another game. So we can enjoy our game, not going outside at this bad weather.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

What I want to say to day ? Ha..ha..ha.. Happy Chinese Lunar New Year.
I have a busy day today...meet our big family...having a great lunch and dinner...eating a lot of cakes.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Small Business Loans

It is my dream to have a small business loans for years. I like to have my own business but it is not easy for me to have it. First of all I must have enough funds. Actually I have a little saving too but I know it is not enough for building my business .
So when I saw this small business loans site I know it is very perfect for me to get back my dream. There are a lot of reason that why I must choose this small business loans , for the best reasons is this AFS Loans has a free application and their interest is the lowest one for the unsecured loans at $ 10 K - $ 150 K and they have a quick approval from 24-48 hours.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bad Weather

Last night in my place have a heavy rain...it started when I was going home at supermarket..it is about 22:00 night..and the rain didn't stop until today afternoon. The big storm had happened with the heavy rain..it is so horrible...and when at afternoon at my city have become a large pool...yeah..floating again...so I can't go out any where today.
But I still fell fortunately because the electric power is still going on , and my refrigerator has a lot of food and vegetables.

Great Discovery , Zenni Optical

Any of you have to wear eyeglasses ? If the answer is yes , it is a Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses for us . I have seen the site and it is true that our Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical , we can get a lot of glasses or another type in a very cheap price. I am going to buy too because this site sell internationally.. Beside the chiep price I like to see the frames ...there are a lot of huge frames waiting for us.
When I told this Great Discovery: Zenni Optical to my sister , she asked me why the price are so nice ...I think it may be because they have their own factory frames and sell directly to us as their customer.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spicy Soup

This evening I make a salmon fish head curry. It taste spicy, sour and sweet. I like it very much. Eating this curry reminds me at Tom Yam soup..it is a Thailand famous soup...with sea food and vegetable inside. But I never make Tom Yam soup. I think I would try to search the internet and find out the recipe to try ha.ha..ha..

Online Billiard

Surprising me when I saw this online snooker site. I think I only can see this game at my city cafe and store..not on my computer. But it is really...we can play snooker at our computer , it must be very exciting for me because I interested on this game but I think at my place there are no women going there to play ha..ha..it must be very funny for me to go there. But now I can try to play it at my computer . I saw it is very easy just click to which one we like and there are Billiard tournaments too for the prof one.


Last weekend I went to shopping Mal with my sister. I saw there was launching note book ASUS Eee pc , it is pretty cute. The note book is very small and only 0.89 kg. I think I would going to buy one but there are no more. Only limited offers and a lot of people had buy it. Well ...never mind I think if next time I go to abroad I will go to see this type and may be there are a lot of stock over there.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Business Phone System

I saw business phone systems in nowadays is very promising. It is a very good increasing ability for the system. Like now I saw on this site there is a type The NEAX® 2000 IPS is a full-featured IP-based communications system. It provides pure voice-over-IP (VoIP) peer-to-peer connections across corporate local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN) and it says also supports time division switching (TDM).
You see it...there was no system like that in my past years ....only traditional ways. I still remember when I had a phone , I am very happy. I try to make a long phone call...to my auntie at Hong Kong because my mother was never used it before and want to heard her sister voice at the first time by phone. I tried to phone it several times, but it always failed and failed again. I tried with my best and at last I got the line on, but it only a few seconds and failed again. It was very bad call but my mother was very pleased. She didn't care about the bad phone , she said she was happy when she can heard her sister voiced after separated for 20 years. I was happy too for that time ha..ha..ha..
But now there are very nice communication we can get and this Advanced Communications and Maintenance,Inc give us a very comfortable choice. We can have voice messaging systems and a lot of huge system like the above type . I must tell my mother what I am seeing tonight and I know my mother will very happy and asked me again ha..ha.. She had met her sister 5 years ago but she is very pleased to make a phone again and want to test the new system. I have the same feeling to about this .

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Britney's again

I saw again Britney's news again in today's Yahoo home pages. I don't follow on her news in a few weeks. Is she OK now..or still not ? What I read is she is still at hospital.Become a famous and having trouble at drugs is a sad story.

Gorgeous Hardwood Floors

I like to watching and looking people from what they eat, where there life, how they wear and make a living. That's why I always need a perfect thing for my house or my room. It feel nice if our home looks comfortable. I think this is very usual common with my taste.
Looking at this Flooring is very beauty , It must be a great marble medallions for my guess rooms , ha...ha...ha... perfect, very perfect for me. I believe it will look nice if I use this marble medallions image, design or texture for my guess rooms. For my bed rooms I think this hardwood floors is correctly match and the wood can be gorgeous. You know some times very uncomfortable if we must walk at cold floor at the morning, ha...ha...ha...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chicken Recipes

Luckyly for me I saw a great chicken recipes tonight. For me I am very happy because it is my favorite thing . I like to to eat grill chicken... and my sister have the same taste too. So it is very match for us if we want to eat. And now I saw El Pollo Loco , it is a flame grilled Mexican chicken...for me as cooker I saw it must be very delicious ...I must tell my sister about this great news.

Curry fish head

Yesterday I try to currry fish head.Usually it taste good. But this time I put a lot of chilly inside so..it felt very spicy.ha..ha..ha.. So I put more water and suger in it. Now it taste like spicy and sweet...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Online Credit Card

I think all of us ever having a credit card , so am I. I like to use credit card because it is very simple and save as long as you have a wise user. What I like from credit card is, I not need to take cash anywhere and if it is missing I can report it with quickly.
And now I see when I saw beautiful dress at online store, I see there is an accepting credit card on website button , so it means we need a credit card to buy it. There are a lot of kind ...visa, master, American Express and others.
I saw A + merchant service offers us the ways to accept credit card on our business online.They offer the lowest fees in the business. We can find it at acceptance of Visa & MasterCard best rates . I think it is nice if we can setup credit card processing and have our business on line. I still use a traditional way for my business. May be it is time for me to change it.

Positive Thinking

Sometimes we really need to exercise positive thinking in every time. ..just like me...having a neighbour that likes to repairing his house all the year. Actually I don't care about this..but it is very noisy...I felt very disturb me. But it is not polite to angry with him..so what I need now ?..trying positive thinking...try to relax with the noise...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hosting Audioads

Being paid is very exciting for me because I can use this money to buy my personal things. Like this great site I saw this evening. This is very simple way to earn money, just to become an affiliate and fill our website in the nice form, so we can get paid every time if our website is seen. They have 3 tiers of income and the lifetime residuals , so it is very nice , right ?

Evening Tea

I think I am not going out today..but this evening my sister asked me to shopping centre. We went to a Chinese restaurant to eat " bak pau " ( Chinese Bread with meat inside) , and dim sum and drink Chinese green tea. I like to eat dim sum...usually people eat it at morning..but for me evening is great too.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Yesterday coincidentally I found a great web site about constructions skills and constructions publicity. This CITB web site, they promote CSkills, a partner of the sector skills council for construction. For any body who looking for a partner they can found at this CITB web site. The site provides information for people employed in or around the construction industry on topics including how to become certified in your trade by 2010, the latest health and safety legislation, and career development within the industry. They also have publication about Construction Site Safety - Health, Safety & Environmental Information 2008. Than If you also looking for employee with National construction college certified now you can get it from this partnership. They also support your business performance with :
1. Reviewing the skills of your workforce.
2. National specialist team.
3. Research.
4. Influencing Government policy, etc.
Well what you waiting for, just visit and you can have a great partners at this CITB web site.


I always heard a lot of my friends told me to eat vitamin Lecithin. They said it is very good for our body, it can reduce our fat...but I don't know much about it. Now searching yahoo I saw an article talking about lecithin...it is very interesting

Lecithin is often touted as an alternative method of cholesterol control. Such claims don't stand up to scrutiny.
Lecithin is a complex fat-like substance found in the cells of all living organisms. It is also used in the food industry as an emulsifying agent, and is isolated from egg yolk and soybeans for this purpose. You will certainly find it wherever dietary supplements are sold, because it has been promoted as a natural remedy to combat atherosclerosis, improve memory, and fight Alzheimer's disease.
There is no scientific evidence that it has any of these beneficial effects, nor that it promotes weight loss (supposedly by breaking down fat and enabling the body to flush it out.)
Claims that lecithin can lower cholesterol are based on the fact that it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. But, again, I've seen no evidence to support this. I recommend lecithin only to patients with multiple sclerosis as a way of strengthening nerve sheaths, which are the targets of that disease and are composed of myelin, a derivative of lecithin.
Supplemental lecithin is harmless, but if you want a natural product to lower cholesterol, forget it and consider using red rice yeast extract. It is a source of naturally occurring statins, works as well as pharmaceutical statins, and has a lower incidence of side effects. No matter what supplement or drug you use for cholesterol control, be sure to get at least 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise and reduce the amount of saturated fat and trans-fats in your diet.
Other beneficial lifestyle changes include drinking green tea, eating one clove of garlic per day (diced or crushed in food), and consuming more soluble fiber (such as oat bran), foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (good sources include salmon, sardines and walnuts; or supplemental fish oil), and plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Any of you like to be a professional accountant ? I was graduated of University in accounting and I have a lot of friends work as a accountant. And what I looked to day at a website www.accountancyjobsabroad.com is a web based financial recruitment consultancy and now they are look to forward to expanding its operations in 2008 with the securing of several clients in the Middle East. I think this company is great and sure can help a lot of people.
This is the press release :
Accountancyjobsabroad.com has experienced a boost to its 2008 plans by acquiring several clients in the Middle East region. The business since its inception in October 2007 has principally signed clients from the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. However mirroring the expansion in the GCC region in general, the company has experienced a number of enquiries from the Middle East from companies who wish to recruit finance professionals and accountants
The web based financial recruitment consultant has also seen an ever increasing requirement for talented finance professionals from the UK Channel Islands, namely the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. Director Mike Williams commented “…as companies consider their staffing requirements for 2008 we have been contacted by a number of new and dynamic companies who are finding that traditional bricks and mortar recruitment consultancies are not offering the right amount of flexibility to service their needs. We are finding that our tailor-made recruitment solutions fit their requirements perfectly and as such we are looking forward to an exciting 2008 as are many of our prospective employees who we will be placing in exciting and prosperous locations.”
The company continues to expand in Bermuda and the Cayman Island, and also the company is developing potential clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. The company plans to have vacancies in each of these countries by mid-2008


When I saw sandwich in supermarket , I think I want to make it too. It is quite simple to make it, just put 2 pieces of bread and between them I add smoked beef, tomato, cheese and egg. But I don't know what mustard should I put in it. I think I will go there and buy it so next time I can do it by my self.

Hot Rugby News.

I always saw a lot of people in United States or other place like rugby very much. For me personally I don't know very much...ha..ha.. because I am a female I think this game is suit for male. But nowadays I saw a lot of female playing this rugby games too.
Even I don't like to play it , I like to see others play this game. It is very attractive, exciting and sometimes I have a little wondering to see my favorite player.
And now I saw a lot of rugby news on RBS 6 Nation Official websites. It is nice to saw it because it is all about rugby and from this site I also see women tournaments too ha..ha..good for female...I proud for their brave....We can also see a lot of countries , players , squads , history ,championship info...once again I said all about rugby.
Sawing this site remembering me for my brother who was very favorite this games. He liked to be a good player when he was a kid. Every evening he always go to play rugby with his friends. Sometimes he had a little wound on his knee..and my grand mother always angry when he had wounds.

Fried Rice

I cooked fried rice today evening because I had late went to bed. It is so simple to cooked it and in a few minutes I can eat it. I like fried rice especially if I cooked combine with red chili , corn , beef meat , fish ball and egg. It taste good if I we add a little pepper when we fried it.
But I think you all must know it and every one have their favorite ways to cook fried rice.

Weight Loss

I always like my body slimp...but sometimes it is too hard for me to do it. And some of my friends said to me to have an exercise every day. It is a reasonable too but today I faund a weight loss surgery tampa site. After I read it ,I feel it is a nice site too for women because this Lap Band is a comprehensive weight-loss surgery program that will guide us through every step of our journey.


I have been blogging all the night and looking a few interesting site ....suddenly I realize it is morning now...o...so all night I have not slept...so now what I want to do ? Going to sleep may be is the best solution.

A Sad Story Of Drugs

Nowadays a lot of people are using drugs ? Why they use this things...for me personally I don't know. But I read the story of the user , they said they have a problem with their life , feeling not happy, stress and at last they use drugs to make them happy for a moment.This is a sad things , I saw a lot of them have a bad mental after used it. They become a negative person , can attack others and lost control of the important things of their life.And the worst things they always depend with this drugs. It is a sad thing to see people lost their balance of life.
Fortunately now there are drug treatment centre called 1800 NoDrugs. This site a free, it means a non profit portal for finding a long or short-term drug rehabilitation program.
I think this drug rehab is perfect solution for our friends or family who had this issue .They also have their excellent track record with alcohol rehabs too.
I remembered one of my high school friend had used drugs too...it is so sad to saw his life down..his parents very angry to him and stop to gave him money but they didn't find the solution for their son..at last my friend passed a way in a very sad condition.
So if any of you or your family have this problem , try to explore the extensive drug addiction and drug rehabs information that offer on my this blogs by clicking on the links. Or if you or someone you know is struggling with the disease of drug addiction or alcoholism, please complete their brief online assessment form or give them a call immediately, they can help. 1-800-NO-DRUGS

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


In this week I saw a lot of TV told about United States election. From the CNN TV news I see all the people are talking about this election...Obama vs Clinton...
Actually it is an interesting topic to discuss...but I don't know much about politics so I can't not have a comment ha..ha..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Any of you have a difficult in doing essay writing ? I know much of us ever having these problems because I am one of them too. But now we should not worried about these essay any more ,because I saw a custom writing companies . This company can guide us to success in dissertations and custom research paper or others essay things .
This site can also help us doing our resume writing with 100% plagiarism free and unique. It is great...

Pro 365

Today is a rainy day in my place, it is good too to have a little rain after a very hot weather yesterday. And when I enjoy my hot tea I search an online poker at the Internet. It is a great site I think, because we don't need go to the place for watch and bet like usually I do.
I see there are almost 30 online betting sport item. And it have Pro365 provide us with a detailed review of such factors as the game experience, trust score and bonuses offered by each sport.
Good...my friends like it very much because we can have the selection of our favorite online betting and online betting games like online golf, tennis, volley ball, basket ball, motor race and a lot more. Each of us as a player has their own preferences in game, features, bonus structures and graphics, so it's important that Pro365 list these in detail so our betting experience can begin with less troubles and more excitement and sure can win a lot of money I think...ha..ha..ha..
I would email this news to my friends and I know they must be very happy to this news.


Having a recipes book that I bought yesterday makes me want go to market this morning. ha..ha.. I like to make a cake..traditioanal cake. I don't know I can do this cake or not...but I will have a try first ha..ha..ha.. I never make a cakes before...


Lucky for me, now I can make my own book in any quantity I want, I not need to depend
to a publisher company again if I want to publish my new book. I can sell my own food recipe book and make by my own coverbind machine from the Coverbind Corporation as a scrapbooking supplies, this company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bindomatic A.B., a Swedish corporation currently doing business in 40 countries worldwide. Coverbind has been providing as their patented covers and binding machines to customers in North and South America for over twenty years. Now I know if need to bind documents in separate formats and with a variety number of pages? Then I could do well with choose the Coverbind 5000 – a manually operated, powerhouse of possibility. There is also great flexibility in spine sizes. The Coverbind 5000 is excellent to use on its own or as a compliment to this automatic binders.
This Heat bind machine is very easy to use and imagine for me, because I can Edit the book I already bind with easy until 3 time. The process I never found at other machine before, very fantastic to know I can also have a free trial use this machine with free shipping to my place. Wow, I think I can start make my own new business, as a scrapbooking supplies, I just need One set of personal computer with printer and this cool heat binders machine. For a large quantity, I can rent a copy machine from xerox and start my own new publisher company, wow very little risk for make a new business with a lot of profit, ha...ha...ha...

Traditional Recipes

Today I go to the book store , looking for some news recipe. I have a plan to make traditional cookies, but I never had information about it. So there for I go there and buy one. I pick one recipe that have a lot of cookies and cake recipes. And I see the pictures are very great ...makes me like to eat ha..ha..ha..

Used Cars

Tonight I searching again in Internet..this is nice because I haven't open my computer for two days . I went to my friend's house this weekend and we have a nice time passing by. She told me that she has a plan to buy an Used Cars . I never think before this idea so I told her that I don't really understand because I know my friend. She has a good taste on car ....
She asked me to looked at the site so I know what is going on..hm...this is nice too...I see what she saw before ...yes ...this site is amazing which we can have a selection of used cars offered at the best prices by both private sellers and used car dealerships.
So it is very simple and can save our time and money because this site has a simple to use search method. All we want to do is enter in the make and model of the car we like. Then what fill the option what colour we wish , price range, our location and the good one is who we like to prefer to buy from. This is mean that we like to buy car with a private owner , a dealer
or we can choose the both of them too which is better . We can also select how the result of the form that we fill..is it the latest offers, distance , lowest or highest price...
Now..I know why my friend choose this site to buy a car...hoping she can choose a best one.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wonderful Life

Life is a wonderful thing for me. I saw a lot of people don't realize it. It is very sad to see these people. I saw a bad news on TV about Britney Spears...it is very surprised me. But at the same time I feel may be she had lost the wonderful sense of her life.
Hoping she can come back again

Online Casino

I heard a lot of people said to me that going to United States is not complete if haven't visit vegas casino . I never go there so I don't have any comment from their experience. But today while searching I found an online casino at 32vegas.com. Yeah..this is really different and looks very glamour and if we want to play at casino games there are 320 % welcome bonus.

Cold weather

I saw on CNN TV news said that in some places of United States, there have a very cold temperature....it is almost - 5 C OMG this is very cold.And I saw a lot of snow a long the road that make the car can't pass it. It is very uncomfortable....
In my Asian country the weather is bad too. A lot of storm and wind blow very strong in a few days. So I choose to stay at home in this week.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chili Recipes

After celebrating Christmas and New Year today I try to cook spicy things but I don't know what should I cook. Then I go to chili recipes and found a lot of great recipes. All this site is about chili...good I like it because my family love eat chili very much. So having this spicy recipes is a wonderful things for me.
I saw all the recipes are very simple and easy just like I want it and I want to told my friend too because I know she is favorite spicy chili too.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years 2008

Happy New Year 2008 , today is the first of January....yeah New Year...I hope this 2008 can make my life more wonderful, more success and have a really freedom and raise at a good income ha..ha..
And wish you all always happy and healthy always...