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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Lucky for me, now I can make my own book in any quantity I want, I not need to depend
to a publisher company again if I want to publish my new book. I can sell my own food recipe book and make by my own coverbind machine from the Coverbind Corporation as a scrapbooking supplies, this company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bindomatic A.B., a Swedish corporation currently doing business in 40 countries worldwide. Coverbind has been providing as their patented covers and binding machines to customers in North and South America for over twenty years. Now I know if need to bind documents in separate formats and with a variety number of pages? Then I could do well with choose the Coverbind 5000 – a manually operated, powerhouse of possibility. There is also great flexibility in spine sizes. The Coverbind 5000 is excellent to use on its own or as a compliment to this automatic binders.
This Heat bind machine is very easy to use and imagine for me, because I can Edit the book I already bind with easy until 3 time. The process I never found at other machine before, very fantastic to know I can also have a free trial use this machine with free shipping to my place. Wow, I think I can start make my own new business, as a scrapbooking supplies, I just need One set of personal computer with printer and this cool heat binders machine. For a large quantity, I can rent a copy machine from xerox and start my own new publisher company, wow very little risk for make a new business with a lot of profit, ha...ha...ha...

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Anonymous said...

Though this system is nice, I prefer the units from Binding Systems of America. They are extremely easy to use and have a larger selection of covers.