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Monday, January 28, 2008

Business Phone System

I saw business phone systems in nowadays is very promising. It is a very good increasing ability for the system. Like now I saw on this site there is a type The NEAX® 2000 IPS is a full-featured IP-based communications system. It provides pure voice-over-IP (VoIP) peer-to-peer connections across corporate local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN) and it says also supports time division switching (TDM).
You see it...there was no system like that in my past years ....only traditional ways. I still remember when I had a phone , I am very happy. I try to make a long phone call...to my auntie at Hong Kong because my mother was never used it before and want to heard her sister voice at the first time by phone. I tried to phone it several times, but it always failed and failed again. I tried with my best and at last I got the line on, but it only a few seconds and failed again. It was very bad call but my mother was very pleased. She didn't care about the bad phone , she said she was happy when she can heard her sister voiced after separated for 20 years. I was happy too for that time ha..ha..ha..
But now there are very nice communication we can get and this Advanced Communications and Maintenance,Inc give us a very comfortable choice. We can have voice messaging systems and a lot of huge system like the above type . I must tell my mother what I am seeing tonight and I know my mother will very happy and asked me again ha..ha.. She had met her sister 5 years ago but she is very pleased to make a phone again and want to test the new system. I have the same feeling to about this .

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