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Friday, January 11, 2008

Hot Rugby News.

I always saw a lot of people in United States or other place like rugby very much. For me personally I don't know very much...ha..ha.. because I am a female I think this game is suit for male. But nowadays I saw a lot of female playing this rugby games too.
Even I don't like to play it , I like to see others play this game. It is very attractive, exciting and sometimes I have a little wondering to see my favorite player.
And now I saw a lot of rugby news on RBS 6 Nation Official websites. It is nice to saw it because it is all about rugby and from this site I also see women tournaments too ha..ha..good for female...I proud for their brave....We can also see a lot of countries , players , squads , history ,championship info...once again I said all about rugby.
Sawing this site remembering me for my brother who was very favorite this games. He liked to be a good player when he was a kid. Every evening he always go to play rugby with his friends. Sometimes he had a little wound on his knee..and my grand mother always angry when he had wounds.

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