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Friday, February 8, 2008


I just read a nice topic on Yahoo " Ugh, It's Another Valentine's Day and I'm Still Single"
ha..ha..it is an interesting post...and when I read it I have a feeling too...how it can be like that ? And I read step by step ...it is said :
1. Wallow, But Just a Little
It's important to acknowledge your real feelings, so give yourself permission to wallow a little bit.
2. Watch "Love Actually"
Send valentines to all the people you love in your life!
3. Go on a Trip
new trend for singles is to elude Valentine's Day by taking a short getaway
4. Re-energize Your Relationship Search
If you are feeling down at this time of year, channel your negative energy into something positive
5. Ask Someone Out
6. Cuddle Up to Something Warm and Fuzzy
7. Eat Some Dark Chocolate
8. Don't See the World as One Big Happy Couple
9. Remember This Is Just ONE Valentine's Day
I think it is a great tips today...and you can follow it too...

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