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Monday, March 24, 2008


Nowadays I saw a lot of people have socialites life in a modern way. If we want to have a conference meeting , we do not need to attend the place..like usually peoples did ..we only need a web conference to solve this problem. It is so nice , so amazing , we can save a lot of time and cost . I still remembered how my uncle must go to abroad just to have a business conversation with his partner.
And now I saw RHUB is very great for people who like to have this activity . RHUB is a premier provider of on-premise web conferencing appliances that meet the needs of any organization and it is delivered to us ready to go. What we must do is install it in our network and we can start have an unlimited web conferences...it is amazing ..right ? And we do not need IT support because this RHUB appliance is updated automatically and it is full security protection.
The others thing that is interesting for me is this RHUB have 100% attendance, it means that we do need download of any kind.
I ever heard that some of the people have failed on their web conference because not installing the software programs or wrong/ missing java virtual machine . I have seen their trial..it is really nice...and very easy.
And this RHUB have 4 in 1 outstanding value ..it is means that RHUB Appliance bundles four applications (implemented as four meeting types in TurboMeeting) in one delivery like , web conferencing ,remote support PC and MAC , remote access to my computer and web seminar. So we can can assign to each of our users any combination of the above meeting types to comply with our organization security policy.

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