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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Visit To Anglian Style House

Last week my friend Bety invited me to her new house. So I went there, for the first time I enter her house , the style of her house is very nice , it looked like Victorian Conservatory style its angled roof, ornate cresting and finial .It also have beautiful windows.
The design is great , and while we drink tea I asked Bety whose one did her house and the others. She was very excited to told me that it is Anglian Home improvements product with ten years guarantee.
I was very surprised to hear about it , I never had guarantee for my house or kitchen set. But she has.She told me this company have more than thirty six years experience and Anglian has been renowned amongst UK homeowners as the place to go for high quality Home improvements . Oh...it really nice , if next time I want to make renovation I must be remember this Anglian product with the guarantee.

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