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Friday, September 21, 2007

Directory Submission

Every day I always check my pagerank ...because in my mind...may be today my pagerank will raise.But the results is make me disappointed because no change ha..ha.. Sometimes I feel tired how to increase it. I know the mainly reason to make our pagerank raise is to get a lot of traffic to our blog.I visit exchange link forum too to see whether some one like to exchange link with me....yeah I do have exchange link with others blogger,write a few words to others blog that I read and make a few directory submission for my blog. And visited every forum that discussed about ranking and traffic.
And I saw a great directory submission site today. After I read it ,It was very interesting for me because we can get our site submitted in 500 directories only for $ 99,95 and get 100's back links for our website. It is very nice you know...imagine it 500 directories...it is very much ....if I wish to do it myself, I will have to invest a lot of time and effort, which it means that I can not doing another things or I loose a lot of my time.
This Submit2please.com will manually submit our website to more than 500 online search engine friendly directories.And we can get two benefit from it ,the first one is additional targeted traffic from these directories ....it is great and the second is ...quality one way links which improves your site ranking in search engines.Yeah one way links is very important for us ...I have read a lot of news ..they all said like that but I have difficult to find which site can give me one way links.
We just simply provide them all the details and they will submit our website in all the directories and they will provide us a detailed report highlighting the list of directories where our site has been submitted. I think it is quite much things they done for me ..it is really nice.

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