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Saturday, November 3, 2007


I think all of us must know about insurance. But sometimes it still make me a little confuse. The problem is so much kind of insurance and there are a lot of rate and benefits that we can get.Sure the prices are different too. Like this time our car insurance almost expired,my sister wants to change a new one because she think the service is not good enough and the rates is too high.
So I asked her to compare car insurance and the benefits.I told her to read the terms carefully and compare it with others.Sometimes it is not easy to learn about it.But with a lot of information at that site I think we can get the best one that suits to our needs.
Talking about insurance reminds me that our home insurance would be expired too at this December.I want to change it too because last time our insurance is not included floating water.It is not suit for the condition of our place.Rains every day and I saw the water will floating again. I will change it and told my sister to learn more about home insurance too.

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