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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nudie Jeans

When I was in shopping Mal this afternoon , I saw a lot of fashion...and they looked nice. Suddenly I realise that I need to buy women fashion too. Actually mine is enough..but sawing a lot of new fashion make me felt that mine is not up to date anymore.And when I told my friend about my plan she told me that she found a good site that is more interesting than my plan.
I am laughing to her...I think she must be lie to me.So I try to search the site and...yes...she is true this time. I looked a lot of mo dist fashion at there. My eyes caught seven for all mankind fashion...I like it very much. It is a lovely jeans....I think I must be good wear this one.When I asked my friend for her opinion, she laugh at me again.Whats wrong with her...I don't understand...have I asked her a funny things ?
At last she told me too , she said the jeans is great looking but if I am not sure this Tobi.com site have a great service. They have professional stylist and we can asked them to get the best advice.Wow...this is very interesting ,we can have live chatting...sure I don't want to miss this opportunity. I never had this service before and I think it must be very great idea .
I also see a lot of nudie jeans. They looked good too , actually it is slim Jim skinny jeans, I think my friend would looked nudie if she wear this one.

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Anonymous said...

yeah i must agree i was hesitant on buying a pair because i wasnt to familiar with them but after some research Nudie Jeans are nice, they make alot of different fits also so your not stuck with one style !