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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Travelling Europe By Car

While I was scheduling my travel this time, my eyes caught a great topic also on travel.Yes...this is about Europe again. I have never boring blog this part because it is my favorite topic and talking about travelling in Europe always make me have a lot of plan when I am going there.
I have heard from my friends their nice journey at Europe,and some of them said to me Oh....she felt disappointed with the tour leader, or others said if next time she go again she would take a car to travel..it is much fun.Hm...travelling by car, I like it very much...my husband like to ride a car and take map,brochure and we go around...it is so exciting.
If I go to London, I like to try drive a car too, it must be nice and fortunately my husband is very experience in this way...walking around , go to exciting place and have a good hotel hotel in London ha..ha..nice.From London we would go to France....nice place for shopping...dining and we can go to one place to others city by car,with a lot of my new dress in the car. So I am not tired to hold all my shopping things,just put all in a car and go around till we found a nice hotels in Paris . And we want to do the same things in Berlin , and have a new nice experience on Hotels in Berlin and the last thing that my sister always told me that we must go to Barcelona if we have time..I think I must put this plan in our schedule and have a great Hotels in Barcelona yeah... I hope I can go there as soon as possible.

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