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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Forget about pagerank and doing our favorite activities is the most important for me this time. Yeah like my blog two days ago....having a trip is always exciting. My friend and family also agree about my opinion. We always go to travelling ....far away from our daily jobs and try to go to others place that is make we interesting and exciting.

Talking about travelling is my favorite job...and I always suggest my friend to have a good planning before we want to go. Find the information as much as we can especially the weather is important. From there we know what things should we take. For the hot weather like Asia ...we must take summer fashion, thick t shirt ,hot pants and a lot of things we need. But don't forget about hotel....this is is very important.

We must have a good information about hotel reservations, which facilities we want to use, hotel,motel ,resort. We can reserve it from our home which one is better. For me I like this search very much. Because I like to choose a good hotel with a good price...ha..ha...what I mean is discount hotel. We can get discount up to 70 % hotel on our choice.It is very interesting,right ?

Imagine it with a lot of discount ,we can save a lot of money and from that money we can buy gifts for our family. I am sure all of us like to buy things when we are travelling. So I always talked to my sister and friends don't forget to have hotel reservations before they go and choose the best one with the best price.

I always search the best hotel before we want go to travel...and my friend said to me ...travelling is very nice but it can be very bad if we have no planning about the hotel. ha..ha..I told her not to worried about this , because I have a favorite site and I know what I must to do before we go.

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