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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Logo Design

I think most of all like to create a logo design especially for a business owner. I ever have a plan to create my own logo...but I can't...sitting in front of computer for two or three hours but I have not get a good idea how to make my design, it is really blank...ha.ha..ha..I know my talent and I think I have no talent in this one.
But while browsing I have seen a wonderful custom logo design site. This site allowed for us to create for free logo and business card creator. So I think all my problem about creating a good design has gone. Why not...because I can try to a free online service to create my logo using their Patent-pending process.
So this site allowed us to try their service, we can see the quick demo and try it with free. And if we don't like what have we created, we do not have to pay it. I think I must try to create because it just need to follow on step six of this process and after that I can see my logo on scores of differently designed business cards with my own colors too. And if I success create my own logo I will show it to all of my friends.

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