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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good Advice for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

This is a good article I read on Yahoo health news. I interested in this because some times I do have this problem. Sleep but it feel haven't slept. So this is the whole news that I have read :

"There are changes you can make to improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep experts call this “sleep hygiene,” and these measures are routinely recommended for almost anyone complaining of sleep trouble. Some are just common sense, but, unfortunately, many people for whom sleep is a problem do not recognize their importance. Here are some general guidelines to follow:
1. Establish a schedule and stick to it; sleep when you are sleepy but try to get up and go to bed each day at about the same time.
2. Use a fan or other means of creating a steady, soothing sound to drown out other noises.
3. Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake; avoid caffeine after noon and don’t use alcohol as a sedative before bed.
4. Get heavy curtains or shades to block out bright light early in the morning if you are awakening earlier than you’d like.
5. Check your medication list. Because some medicines can interfere with sleep, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the medicines you take.
6. Do not exercise vigorously after within several hours of bedtime.
7. Avoid heavy meals or excessive fluids within an hour or two of bedtime
The Bottom Line
The importance of sleep is self-evident, yet much remains unknown or uncertain about how we sleep, why we sleep and how to improve sleep. One thing is certain, however: Sleep is not a passive process or a complete “shut down” of the body – many stages of sleep are as active for the mind as being awake. So, the next time you see someone sleeping, keep in mind that though the body may look quiet and peaceful, there is much more to the story.

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