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Saturday, December 29, 2007


Yesterday I meet my old friend at mall, she tell me about a new web site she found. The name is wymedia digital distribution 2.0
, she also tell me about some content at this web site, she said this web site also have a lot of content for shopping, content for get cash from survey, content for morgate loans and content for a cute fancy and cool wymedia digital distribution 2.0 blue banner.

Press Release:

wymedia’s digital music distribution 2.0 is the future of artist income. Launching in January 2008 wymedia will change the way fans discover your digital content and how you get paid. Independent content publishers share in wymedia monthly income based on their fan traffic, music/video spins and downloads.

Obvious early adopters are musicians, film makers and writers but wymedia’s vision includes artists of all kinds. Tattoo artists, aspiring cooking show creators and even hair stylists have come up with innovative uses for wymedia tools.

wymedia’s digital publishing service puts power into content creator’s hands. wymedia isn’t interested in owning content, we provide economically viable tools for artists to develop their own businesses, mentor new artists and reap the long term benefits of successfully adopted content.

wymedia digital distribution 2.0
create. promote. get paid.

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