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Monday, December 24, 2007

Modern Man Site

A few days ago ,I received a phone call from my friend. Yeah...he is my old friend. Talking to old friend is always very exciting. We talk about funny thing that have been past , our friends , family and marriage. And I just know that he is still single. When I ask him " How about your marriage ? Who is your wife..am I know her ? He answer me with easy....not...no...have not..." Of course his answered has very surprised me...why not..because when we was still in high school, I saw he had a lot of girl friends. So it is not make a sense that he still single until now ha..ha..ha.. So I asked he again " Are you kidding me ? I am not believing you...you must be lying me..." But this time he is very serious " Sure , it is true...I don't know why it happens to me..but I am not lying you.." I think he is telling the truth.
But I quickly remembered a dating advice for men that I ever read before. It is a good site and very suitable for modern man like him. It is a new concept of dating where all men and women are free to date and if possible fall in love with plenty of people and then may be decided on one person which it is the best one. And this wonderful site there are a few tips teaching for men to be success in their dating life..ha..ha..
So when I told my friend about this modern dating site, at the first moment after he heard, he thanks to me but he said he had been tried a lot dating site but not success. I told him this is really different from others...because I have saw the site and if I said to him if you don't believe me , you can watch the video in this page and a few second I heard he asked me the site name and told me that he will try to get in and he told me he wants to phone me if he had a good news.
And today he called me again...ha..ha..ha.. actually I am waiting for his call too and he told me a good news. He said he try to follow what I am saying to him, follow the tips and in a week later he got a really nice experience that is different from others before. He said now he had a plenty of girl friends and he is very exciting. OK...I am happy too.

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