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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Inventory Control Software

Tonight I saw an inventory control software site. This site is a nice site because we can learn a lot of information about business management. I know this part is very important for our business but some times we don't have any good information about its.I can imagine it because of don't understand this , we can lost a lot time and money in a year. So that's why I said this is great.
And I remembered to my friend who start to open a small business last week. I have seen her and we have a great talk. I looked she was very happy and has a high hope on her business. But I think she has a little confused to arrange her business management system. So I think may be she need this inventory control software for her new business.

I phoned her a few minutes ago...told her about this site. She answered me with happy that she had planned too but still don't find it. So this is the perfect time for me to told her and she said she will looked at the site and after that ask her husband opinion about it.

I said if they success with this one don't forget to treat me a good dinner...ha..ha.. it is my daily joke to my friend because I think this will be a good chance for them.

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