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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


At my place today is Christmas...so merry Christmas every body, hope you all enjoy your holidays. I am on holiday too and sure I have a plenty time today so blogging is my first choice ha..ha..ha..
Yesterday I and my sister go to the largest shopping Mal at my place, they design the Christmas even with very beautifully and I saw a lot of box donation at every place. A lot of people take their old toys to donate and buy a new one..it is a great activity....like this Boat Donations too . Truly I am very happy at this moment and have an opportunity to donate our old thing to others are the greatest happy for us.
I saw on the TV or others news , there are a lot of orphans are very suffer, they need a lot of our attention. And great this Charity Boat Donations are going to help all of them who are very need our donation for surviving their life. This site are also help them who had a serious problem on their health which need medical operation. I can imagine it if there are no one wants to help them, all of them would be very suffer and would end with a very sad story.
So lets together help them in every where and every place and we can have a cute free DVDs . I also like to watch this DVD very much...

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