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Monday, October 29, 2007

Hawaii Vacation

Today Lisa told me that she found Hawaii home rentals ,she must be still remember that I told her I want to visit Hawaii if I have a long holiday. I always love beach , and I hear that Hawaii is very popular beach,so I decided to go there.
I started to search this site and saw Hawaii Travel Blog which is very nice...Aloha...the sea with the beautiful sands and there have a lot Kauai vacation rental.I saw a lot of picture of Kauai , the location,price and over view...it is perfect.

No..no I just saw Oahu Vacation Info too. This is good too.I think I would spend a long time to see it slowly and decided what is the best place for us.But the long holiday would be a good solution for us.

I really thank to Lisa so much and tomorrow I will ask her if she and her family wants to go with us...it is more fun.

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Anonymous said...

Wow I sure do miss the Islan life bra.I grew up in Kauai the last Island of the hawaiian chain well second too the last if you count the robinsons island of ni'ihau.The town I grew up in and went to school was kehkaha and life was so good fish,surf,friends,wahines, simply said Shaka bra kauai da kind fo sure!ALOHA to all my good friends And MAHALO For Everything.
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