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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Benefit of Green Tea

After a few days to learn adsense,finally I get my account at google adsense too...ha..ha..ha..it is very happy to me because I hope that I can earn more from my adsense.Yes...and I think life is more enjoy,and I can drink my tea with no worry like the first time I tell you all when I was going out to work every day.
Talking about tea,I have an important information to all of you that drink tea will be very good for our health,expecially if you drink green tea.
Green tea will protect us from cholesterol,hypertensi ( blood ) and the most important is,it can protect women from having cancer.Any kind of cancer or the other things look like that.
Keep in our mind that we should drink green tea twice in a day ,and the best time to drink is half our after we have our meal.Yes...after half our lunch or dinner try to drink hot green tea with no suger...
No suger is better and the effect ,the tea that we drink will working maximum to protect us .
So try to drink green tea and drink tea can keep our mind peaceful too ha..ha..ha...

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