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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Travelling to Bali

I have come back from my holiday at Bali.It is a very beautiful place,the beach is good,the sand is very soft,white and the sun set is perfect,the people very kind too and helpful but when I came back to Jakarta,there is a bad things happens in Jakarta. Yes....water every where....Jakarta is floating ...almost all of Jakarta is floating....
Its a very sad to see so much people lost their home,they have no home,no food, no drink because of floating.The goverment and the citizen work together to help them.
Most of them lost their work,lost their place to doing business and some of them can not go to work.
Fortunately that my home is high so its save from water....
But there is no electric every where...thats is why that I can not write for a long time...

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