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Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year

Today I have a little time to write,after have alot of activities to celebration chinese new year or lunar new year.After have water floating in Jakarta ,its time to have lunar new year 18 February.
All chinese people prepare this celebration by buying a lot of food,candy and fruit.
The very special chinese cake call " nien kau ",that is a brown cake that taste very sweet.The new year must have all things sweet like cake,candy and fruit,they believe serve sweet thing to pray can have a good prosperity,good fortune.
A day before the celebration day,all family must go home and sit together to have a very big dinner,all food are very much and big size too,like thanksgiving day in the western.
After have dinner,at midnight 24:00 they all pray to the God and serve the "nien kau",fruit and candy and hope that all family and people have a good year,good fortune,happines and etc.
At the new year 1st day all family go to their older family's home like grand mother and father.The children are very happy because the old one like grand mother,antie give them "hong bau".
"Hong bau" is a red anvelope and inside have money.The older one or who have maried have to give the younger " hong bau".Its the tradition of chinese people.
The celebration start from the 1 st day of lunar year and ended at 15 th day.In China or chinese country the celebration is more beautiful and complete .In Indonesia only in a few days and all begins to do their daily activities again.
For me its very fun,excited and happy too but I have to a little busy to have this celebration new year. Yeah...thats a little story I can share with all of your but this is not a very complete story ...he..he...only a little.

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