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Thursday, March 8, 2007



Today an email has sent to me,its very impotance to share with all.In Taiwan a lady died with blood out of all her five sense,you know why ?
Because she eat prawn at dinner and after eat she drink a glass of water containing vitamin C.Why ? ?
Because prawn/shrimp containing Arsenic Pentoxide (As2O5),after had prawn she drink vitamin C that the two item in her body mix and As3O5 changes and become Arsenic Trioxide (As2O3),thats a very poison.
After I read this email I am very scared,because I like eat prawn too but I like to drink a cup of tea after that,so I think it save me,because I really don't know this process.
So its important to us don't eat prawn and drink vitamin C at the same time.


lori said...

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tyvm...i will visit often......promise...ty

anylee said...

thank's for your comments,the prawn I mean is shrimp,sea food.Yours blog is ok.