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Monday, March 5, 2007

Singapore at Christmas

Hi..talking about shopping,Indonesian people like it very much.I found it at every time at my Christmas holiday in Singapore.I think you all must agree that Singapore is the best place to shopping even only window shopping like me he..he..I only buy things if there is a big sale in orchard road and you will find it easy at end of December.Most of all item have sale and gift every where.
Do you know what is the situation at the Christmas day in Singapore ? You will find Indonesian language at every where especially in orchard road or other main road.Why ? Because every where you can find Indonesian people are shopping ha..ha..ha..
I my self like walking along orchard road ,I like the situation,very crowd,beautiful,good view.And go to esplenade for a walk , sit down to see the out side view.
And eat Singapore favorite food,like hainam chicken rice,fish ball soup or spicy crab stick.It taste good.

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