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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mussels with garlic and lime butter

Ingredients :

2 lb ( 1 kg ) mussels
1/2 cup ( 4 oz/125 g) butter,softened
2 cloves garlic,crushed
2 tbs chopped fresh parsley
2 tbs chopped fresh chives
1 tsp grated lime zest
freshly cracked black pepper to taste
Methods :
Scrub mussels under cold running water with a nylon pad or stiff brush and pull off hair-like "beards",discarding any mussels that are cracked or do not close when tapped.Place in a large bamboo steamer or steamer basket.In a small bowl,mix butter,garlic,parsley,chives,lime zest and pepper.
Partially fill a large wok or pot with water (steamer should not touch water)and bring to a rapid simmer.Place steamer over water,cover,and steam untill mussels open.4-6 minutes.Remove from steamer,spoon butter mixture into each shell,and serve immediately with a tossed green salad and crusty bread.
Serves 4
Tip :Remove mussels from shells and place one or two on an endive (chicory/witloof) leaf,and serve topped with lime butter.Substitute shelled and deveined shrimp (prawns) for mussels.

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