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Monday, May 21, 2007

Credit Card

Now having credit card is a very common things. I have credit card too. Because it is make me easy when I go to shopping,so I need not to take cash with me. Once when I didn't have a credit card ,I must go to ATM cash machine to take money first,but I have a little uncomfortable,because I don't know how much I spend on the shopping ,so I take a lot.But when I am in shopping area there are not any things fix for me to buy so I must keep the money with me.
But now I have credit card HSBC.It feel so good, I can buy things any time without go to ATM cash machine. And I read that http://www.cardguide.co.uk/guide/ can make me understand a lot of things that I don't know about this. They guide me about cash back program,it is nice,because we can cash back our money. And we can view the http://www.cardguide.co.uk/articles/
There are so much articles that makes me know a lot thing about that.
But in the most important thing about this is we must calculate with clear how much we buy if we don't want to to get 'credit' which can cause debt if not used carefully.

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