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Monday, May 21, 2007

San Diego DUI

I have saw a lot of TV program in my country that in we can get trouble if we have alcohol level content in our blood,yeah some time any one can get it if you drink alcohol and drive .There is a list of Partial List of DUI / DMV Victories & Drivers' Licenses Saved In Past Few Years.All we can view in San Diego DUI Lawyer
In my opinion that is not save if we drink alcohol and drive, it dangerous our self and the other too because if you drunk you don't know anything and can hit the others.
I have read the defences site . That site told us with very complete the defenses. One thing take my attention is no.25 ( You have been on strict high protein diet and then introduce carbohydrates, thereby triggering auto-generated alcohol production when ketones are converted to isopropyl alcohol (or the "auto-brewery" syndrome). So we must be very careful,because women sometimes have diet,and this is very good information for who that have strict high protein diet.

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