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Friday, May 18, 2007

Hotel Reservation

I like traveling very much so am all my family.It 's really like good refreshing after a long time work hard and have a good vacation to go for traveling. But if we didn't arrange it well our vacation will be have bad vacation.
I usually book hotel and Motels before we go and planning well how long we stay at the hotel.
It is very practise to book,we can search it with the web site or can Call toll free to make our Reservation1-800-447-4136(in US & Canada)(we are open 24 hours- 7 days week ) or in Europe:00-800-1276-3549(Valid in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia)Worldwide phone no:(1) 817-333-5105.
Off course the price is my first attention if I plan for book hotel,I have check this Motels that the price it very low and we can rebate for $100,its great....

Usually I book I didn't have any rebate and the price is good as the facility of the hotel.But in this site it's really low and they have a lot of country hotel that we can book.

In my choice I like view for hotel in Asia because it's near from Indonesia,I like go traveling in Indonesian most long vacation is like "hari raya" Muslim great new year.Usually in my country we have long vacation,its about 14 days, so I can save much money if I book in this web site.

If one day I can save for $ 5 so in the 14 days its equal $ 70 ,wright ? I usually calculate like that ha..ha..ha.. and we can use the money for shopping a little thing.I don't know if how you calculate but the fact is ...it's cheaper than others usually I books.

I think this holiday in this October ( hari raya date) will be very good deal.

And they also have condo for rental...