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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mint Credit Cards

I am so interesting about credit card deal ,because some of them offer me a very exciting program. Some of them offer me cash back, free dining and others.
This time I see a credit card deal offers a lot of benefits for us, can you imagine that we can get 0% on purchases until 1 January 2008, on balance transfers (2.5% fee) until 1 August 2008 and bonus offer until 1 April 2009 on balance transfers debited to our account during October 2008 (2.5% fee) .Yes...0 % can get three great benefits ,also have a lower typical APR ,why not apply now ?
I think its so good can buy something we like in 0 % and I read that have no annual fee.May be I would apply and have a new credit card again.

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