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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Paris Hilton

There are lots of news paper or other TV program shows the news that my favorite hollywood star Paris Hilton will be in jail in June. And like me there are a lots of people don't belive this will happen to Paris.
My friends and I also don't believe this, but the facts is all internet and hot media talks about this. I always saw Paris Hilton movie or TV show, all about her always be my first attention.Yeah...she is very talent,pretty, sexy.
There is a site that I read today about Paris Hilton, the main page says " Do you think Paris Hilton should go free? Do you think she is being treated unfairly just because she is a celebrity ? Maybe you think she is just too precious to be a jail bird "
At a moment I was thinking again what it says ..... is it wright ? I know Paris is very popular , every time and every where she go ,there always has news. May be it can be like that too....
And if we support her there is a "Free Paris" Jail Bracelet
So we can show our support for the "Free Paris" movement with a limited edition “Free Paris” bracelet that we can wear proudly. This is a good idea to support her ....and the bracelets are available for a limited time and in Paris’ favorite color….PINK! wow....it's very cool...
By wearing the limited edition “Free Paris” bracelet, we will be showing our friends and the world that we support Paris and that we think that she should be let free.
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