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Friday, June 29, 2007


A few days ago , I found a new paid website called Advertlets.com .This site actually serving a Singaporean special. Wow..I never seen paid website in Malaysia or Singapore before this . It is great news to me.
So I feel interested and look at it. This nice site already given out RM 15,000 to 300 Malaysian bloggers and now they are going to be giving out a total of SGD 8,800 to 300 Singaporean bloggers. So you know why I write it nice site now ha..ha.. I think all bloggers like this.
I have friends in Singapore and Malaysia , and I am sure they will like it.Why ? Because bloggers can write reviews in English, Bahasa, or even in Chinese. So all kind of bloggers can have a chance to write in what language they like.
And the paying is the first time method I ever seen , it depends on how many review and unique visit a day. The more review and unique visit you get , the more paying you get . So it is very excited....
I am sure that whose website have a high page rank will quickly get a lot of money and I think I will quick to have more back link or exchange link , so it will help me.

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