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Friday, June 22, 2007

Analytics Report

Analytics !!! When the first time I hear it it's very strange to me , what is it ?I was really blank about this. So I tried to learn hard what is the function of this tools. After search it for a long time ( ha..ha..ha.. for me ) I have a little understand about this.
And now I see this event registration online and it makes me to see it , to get a lot of information.
This event registration online can give us a complete report like if we are in meeting and it can be a meeting planner to see like how many people came to their online registration form, from where it comes ...it's great, how much % completed the form, how long it took them, where in the registration process it bailed out, and still a lot of function.
So having analytics report is really an excellent way to view our business and it's really improve for me. You can try it by your self ,this really get a lot of information for you too.

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