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Friday, June 22, 2007


I always like QooForum , because from this site we can learn much and for me in this place I can ask a lot of questions that I don't know. So entering this forum is a must for me . Every day I log in and search every part of it , and the result is I have a lot of information and it will give me a good feedback from my website. By joining the forum, now I have a lot of friend all over this world. It's a very amazing for me and they are all very helpful.I always get my answer from them and you know joining this site can make my page have a lot of traffic. It is very important for me .
I see this QooForum is nice , we can have a free register . And after register I see a lot of part , yes ...it have a lifestyle , money , investing and business ( good site ) , digital life , women's world ( wow...it's great ) , sport and sure forum.
I like the food and drink site , because it suit for my recipe...it's great that I can share my recipe with all of them. And may be I can get a great recipe that I can not cook before. Or may be I can share with them about Indonesian food.ha..ha..ha..

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