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Monday, August 13, 2007

Business Card Scanner

I think most all of us have a business card. I have a few box in my drawer. Last week my sister gave me a new one because my phone have changed.It took a week to make a new one. But today I saw a great business card reader scanner. Yes , it is Scan2Contacts...a business card scanner and software for Microsoft Outlook.
I see if we use this scanner it saves a lot of our time and money. Scan2Contacts is very easy to use and accurate, we just add on scanning software for Microsoft Outlook ® contacts management. And the nice things is this scanner after we scan it automatically creates a new contact record. I think I can do it my self ...it is so simple , no need to learn any software or install other third party,no external power needed, auto detect function and it totally fully mobile small print business card reader. I called it mobile because the size is small so we can take it with our laptop.
I will told this scanner to my sister, and she must be surprised to hear it...ha..ha..And I see the price is quite cheap ...only US $ 179 and we have 30 days money back guaranty!It is very good , with free technical support.

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