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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Merchant Circle

As a secretary for my company , sometimes I help my bos to managed her business like, make an appointment to her client , answering phone , try to look a lot of information that maybe good for her business to grow. Business for me is sometimes great but sometimes can get us a headache. We will get stress if have less customer..it means less money and it is because of a lot of reason...maybe it is because don't have a good promotion too.
But when I open a blog today I saw a good news for all businessmen and women ...yes ..it is MerchantCircle website.

It is an online directory of every business owner in the country. We as business owners can claim our business page and customize it with pictures, blogs, coupons, and newsletters.
So I said good news because this MerchantCircle allow us to promote our business for free so we can find new customers with high search engine placement and track what people are saying about our business .It is really important for us to know it .

And it have Merchant Circle Forums so we can have a communication with each other and discussed it...it is great ...my husband would like it ....he always likes everything online...

If you are businessman or women too if you can get in MerchantCircle

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