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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Travel To Asia Country

Travel.... I like travel very much and it is never boring for me to talk about travel. I like travel so much and I think most all people have the same hobby like me. For my family if we have a public holiday in Indonesia,we always go to travel. And like usually we like to see the red date on calender and than decide what place should we go.
For my mom.. her favorite place is Asia country like China . She likes China very much. She said China is a big country with a lot of place .Most all of them have a beautiful view , I agree with her. I like China too ..and after I saw this Asia travel blog ...I think I want to visit China for the next public holiday. This time I want go to see the famous great wall , my mother said if you haven't go to Great Wall it is mean that you are not going to China yet..ha..ha.. it is a extreme opinion for me....
And when I told my sister about my planning she agree and she said after visiting China she asked me to go India with her .Hm...India is a great place and nice too. And from this travel blog there have a guide to Taj Mahal . It is very famous too, I have seen the picture...it is wonderful , and I think go to India is good too.
And from now I want to see a lot information about hotels in Asia. I remember last time we went to Bangkok. It is a good memory for me , after around the temples and city one day , I felt very tired .But when we reached the hotel and went to the room,my tired had gone ha..ha.. the hotel have a very good view and clean...I like it very much.

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Mr. Bangkok Hotels said...

I believe that it's great experience of traveling for whoever have traveled in Asia countries because they have learned, appreciated and touched to true cultural human. Those things have made people having opened-mind and worldwide on the point of view.... Thank you for your contribution.