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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Bangkok Vacation

This November we have a few days off....so I am planning to go out for refreshing...but I still don't know which place should we visit this time. Let me count first....I have five days off...yeah...if I count weekend it can be 7 days.
Ahm....in seven days I think if I go to China , it is too short time . China is a big country...it should take my 14 days. Actually I like go to Beijing , Shanghai ,Quangdong, Shenzen and Hongkong...but 7 days it's not enough... and at end of year China is winter. I can't hold it ha..ha..ha.. Last time at 2005 year I go to Shanghai at December ...it is very cold...I remember , it is 5 Celsius and some times it can be -2 Celsius.I was really freeze...I can't feel my hands if I go out side...and I quick bought skin gloves . Fortunately we have good Hotel Reservations and when we are in hotel...it is very warm and nice.
I like to reserve first Hotel Reservations before I go out...it would very good idea and can save our money much more than we have walk in serve the hotel.
Bangkok is great place too...I have a nice memory at there. The foods are great...I like "durian" Bangkok , Tom Yam soup and a lots of fresh seafood. And there have a lot of Buddhist temple...great my sister like it very much.....
I think 7 days would be enough for us to travel in Thailand this time. So my next step is I want to open my favorite Hotel Reservationswebsite. It have a lot of choice at there...we can rent hotel , motel , resort and vacation rental. We can have their packages too....rent hotel + car or others. We can book on line or call CALL 1-800-447-4136...so it is very easy ....

I try to search Asia and after that Bangkok....in a few second I see a lot of hotels at there.

Oh...some hotel have a lot of discount ( special value )....I see LEBUA AT STATE TOWER is very beautiful....actually the rate is $ 490 and now have offer become at $ 171. I like this one..but I want discuss it to my husband and I see there are still a lot of offer , if we there have early booking bonus and can save 10 % more .

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