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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Arouge Skincare

I have a Sensitive Skin , if I use wrong cosmetic ...my skin will red and looked like burn. Sometimes it gets itchy.....so I can't buy any skin care like others....I will always read the ingredients and looked if there is a note for a Sensitive Skin only.
So every skincare that I like it ....it must match with my skin.....the natural one usually good for me.

I see Arouge is a line of facial skincare products that is ideal for Dry Skin and sensitive one. It is an all natural product that is widely used by dermatologists in Japan and was recently launched in the United States.

This Arouge leverages NanoMoisture to deliver healing moisture deeper into the skin so that it protects our skin more, lasts longer and heals the skin from the inside out. It have a complete facial care solution including make-up remover, face wash, toner, treatment gel, moisturizer, skin brightener, night cream and sunblock.

That is very excited for me and if I order now ...I can get free shipping on bundles and all orders of $100 or more or any skincare set.

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