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Monday, July 2, 2007


Tonight I open my computer and start to do my routine job..you know,blogging...and I saw another get paid to blog site. Wow...it cool , I like it but I need to see this site first.. Quickly I read the FAQ's , the rule , process , terms , search it and read carefully. I always read all the item before join in , because I don't want any bad things happen to me.After a few times....I think it is a nice site for me too. All the rules are very clear to me. So I decided to get in and start to blog.
This Smorty.com is a service website which connecting advertisers with bloggers. Both of advertiser and blogger will have benefit . For advertiser, they can pay me as a blogger to write my opinion about their site.Sure , I will add a few link back to advertiser site.It's not fair if we didn't add a link. For me as a blogger , I need it to get more earning for my wonderful life.
How about you ?

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